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James Norris (Social Media Strategist's) presentation at Global Entrepreneurship Week & Enterprise Week. This event was held in Camden by Camden Town Unlimited. More information about the speaker can be found at:

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  • 1.Social Media Strategist Ltd Social media, search engine & engagement specialist

2. About me Factors that inuence how a website performs within a search engine: James Norris 2.1 BA in Performing Arts & IT Love digital music, art, tech, startups, WaGord FC Worked within the digital sector / markeMng for 9 years Setup business 2 years ago (based in the CollecMve) I Specialise in markeMng the music, arts and youth sector (mostly using digital markeMng channels & social media) You can connect with me via: hRp:// hRp:// hRp:// hRp:// 3. My Clients 4. StarMng point (GET YOUR HOUSE IN ORDER) Employees, investors etc will look at your social networking proles!!! Change Facebook privacy sengs so that they are hidden if you do not want employees / strangers to peer into your personal life (hRp:// ) Create a Linkedin account and SELL YOURSELF (hRps:// Create a TwiRer (hRp:// account and follow people who you may want to work for (Tweets are public so dont say fuck or bollocks Create something, establish something DO SOMETHINGS THAT RELATES TO WHAT YOU WANT TO DO IN LIFE (or enjoy) ..JUST DO SOMETHING 5. How I aRained my rst clients 6. Social Media Experiment at Glastonbury I devised and produced the not for prot event the Social Media Experiment at Glastonbury 2010 & 2011. The purpose of the experiment was to provide an open plaGorm for arMsts and creaMves (I lost money both years even with sponsorship but was well worth doing). ArMsts involved over the two years included Ron English, Gilbert & George, Cieran Griths (Mickey Mcguire Shameless), Chris Simmons (The Bill), Anthony Richardson and the Urban Nerds. Social Media Experiment highlights included: InteracMve TwiRer InstallaMon Virtual art display Host for Glastonbury TwiRer meetup ArMsts using social media & communicaMve technologies Bluetooth content distribuMon Screened video footage Giant Pacman Game DJ performances / hRp:// 7. 1/5 one in ve people between the age of 16 and 24 is unemployed, 8. Slide from Jason So What??? Now is the +me to try something. When failure becomes de-s+gma+sed then failure becomes the norm! (James Norris, 17,11,11) 9. Tools they dont teach in schools 10. Job hunMng Online. Linkedin & Guardian are two great places to start! 10 11. be social (Professionally) 12. Blog! What is a Blog? A Blog is a plaGorm that allows content creators easily publish informaMon. Blogs also allow people to follow (or subscribe) to them. The most common Blogs are Wordpress, Blogger, TypePad & Tumblr. Why Should I Blog? To Communicate - If your website is staMc and the content does not change there isnt many reasons for a user to return. o be found - By creaMng new content you are more likely to rank within search engines for Tlong-tail terms that are featured within your blog posts. To build rela[onships - By referencing and giving posiMve feedback about your clients relaMonships can be strengthened. If you are a sweet shop and you write a blog post about how wonderful willy wonkas popping candy is may link to your post. A link from large organisa+ons can help improve your trac, search engine ranking and credibility. 13. Blogging technique Techniques se Blogs as landing pages. If you blog post is about popping Candy join exisMng conversaMons Uin food forums and social networking fan pages in Linkedin, Facebook. Join the conversaMon and link back to your post (without the message looking like a spam message) e-syndicate your message across the web. Shorten the link (using and share it using Rmedia channels. se pingoma[c (h]p://pingoma[ to ping (distribute) your blog post across the wider Uweb. 13 14. Blogging Forum seeding Outreach Techniques f your blog post is about popping Candy join exisMng conversaMons in food forums and social I networking fan pages in Linkedin, Facebook. Example Response: Hello, I am James to owner of Retro Sweets Inc. We have an amazing range of Willy Wonkas Popping Candy, they are 25p each. If you bake a Cake I with the Candy I would love to try a piece Our website is 14 15. Eventbrite Eventbrite is a free [cke[ng tool to create events and create virtual [ckets. Go to Create a customizable event page Use social media channels to invite aRendees to an event Sell Mckets directly through EventBrite Embed rich media to help enMce signup ownload email data directly from the Eventbrite CMS D n example of a Eventbrite event can be found here: hRp:// A 15 16. Using TwiRer eecMvely Twi]er can be great way to nd new clients and build rela[onships Design and upload a suitable background skin Once designed test to see how the account appears in dierent browsers and dierent screen sizes 16 17. Using TwiRer eecMvely Sweet Shop owner example Use TwiRer search to search for relevant keywords - for example popping candy (hRps://!/search/popping%20candy) Create a TwiRer list for people who like popping candy reate a private TwiRer list of compeMtors / Journalists. C aybe create a twiRer list called popping candy cookery compeMMon and run a compeMMon Mproviding free popping candy to all involved. Follow Willy Wonka and other relevant brands. Once the cookery compeMMon is over send a @ message to Willy Wonka linking to the blog post 17 18. Other resources you may want to look over (especially if you are starMng a business) 18 19. Google AnalyMcs Google AnalyMcs is a free service oered by Google that generates detailed staMsMcs about the visitors to a website. Google AnalyMc can be used to track all the usual site acMviMes such as visits, page views, pages per visit, bounce rates and average Mme spent on site etc.... 19 20. Seng up Google AnalyMcs Step 1 Go to[cs and log in with your Gmail account and ll in the relevant elds Step 2 Once complete, you should end up with a tracking code (seen in the box below). Step 3 Insert this this code into your homepages source code 20 21. Adding Google AnalyMcs to your (WordPress) Blog Step 1- Go to your WordPress Dashboard Step 2- Click on Posts in the leu hand menu Step 3- Next Click on the edit opMon of your Mtle page 21 22. Adding Google AnalyMcs to your WordPress Blog Step 4- Change the page opMon from Visual to HTML Step 5- Then copy your Google AnalyMcs code and paste it underneath your current text content for that page. Once pasted in.... Click update. 22 23. Viewing the results Step 6- Auer 24 hours you will then be able to track your blogs trac via your Google AnalyMcs account. 23 24. Google AnalyMcs Google Analy[cs check list: Once you have created your Google Analy[cs account Play with it You will not break it Set up Google Advanced Segments (lter trac from specic sources). Evaluate where are people exiMng the website Look at how can you improve the website? Twi]er Advanced Segments Example 24 25. Facebook Fan Page To set up a Facebook Business (Fan) page go to hRp:// Once logged into your personal account look on the leu hand menu and nd the Adverts and Pages link. You may need to click to view it. Click into adverts and pages 25 26. Facebook Fan Page Select the suitable business type 26 27. Facebook Fan Page 27 28. Facebook Fan Page The Geng started tab oers step by step Mps to help new Page owners start using Facebook Pages 28 29. Fin 29 30. Feel free to pop into my humble oce just o Mornington Crescent tube staMon. The sofa is a liRle torn but we have a top notch coee machine. James Norris tel: +44 (0) 7868 823055 Managing Director email: Social Media Strategist Ltd web: Facebook group: Twi]er account: