Social Community in MOOCs: Practical implications and outcomes

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Margarita Martnez, Oriol Borras and ngel Fidalgo-Blanco. GATE - Gabinete de Tele-Educacin Universidad Politcnica de Madrid (UPM)


<ul><li> 1. Social Community in MOOCs:Practical implications and outcomesMargarita Martnez NezOriol Borrs Genngel Fidalgo Blanco</li></ul> <p> 2. PRESENTATION INTRODUCTION CASE OF STUDY PRACTICAL IMPLICATION RESULTS CONCLUSION 3. INTRODUCTIONMOOC What are they? Which types are there? 4. INTRODUCTION: Difficulties Massiveness Closed platforms / not social Login Interact Share 5. INTRODUCTIONVirtual learning communities What are they? How can you create it? 6. INTRODUCTION: DifficultiesVirtual learning communities Advanced Digital Literacy Know Social Networks Search for Licences Digital Citizenship 7. INTRODUCTION: DifficultiesSolution for cMOOC: Virtual Communities + MOOCs platform 8. CASE OF STUDY:Application of Social Networks to education:Virtual CommunitiesIberoamerican Award Miriada X SEGIB 9. CASE OF STUDY:Design of the MOOC Organization Resources Assessment Community and communication 10. CASE OF STUDY:Deployment of the MOOC MOOC Miriada X platform Videos that were uploaded before in YouTube UPM pdf uploaded to Google Drive For videoconferencing: free tool Google "Hangouts For social or learning community Forum Miriada X Two social networks 11. CASE OF STUDY:Deployment of the MOOC Criteria: Sense of community Number of users Content organization andsearch No hierarchies Management 12. CASE OF STUDY:Deployment of the MOOC 13. RESULTS Enrolled students: 4799 Students at the beginning: 4017 Students at the end: 819 70% between 26 and 50 years 55% related to teaching 53% working status 14. RESULTS Management andSense of community Use of # and @ Extension limitFollowings: 1145Followers: 1137 15. RESULTS Management and sense ofcommunity Content organization andsearch Extension limit 16. RESULTS Open Community 7 categories 1139 publication + 160 new publication 17. CONCLUSION Community has its own life Course participants still running andinteracting with them in the community Find new ways to motivate students toparticipate in the learning community Only Google plus 18. Thanks! </p>


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