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Smart Move 2 Study Abroad is one of the youngest overseas educational consultancies. This presentation highlights why should students go overseas. The presentation has information on popular countries, courses, and the benefits of studying abroad. There are education courses in United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, Singapore, Ireland, Switzerland, Dubai, Cyprus, Singapore, Malaysia or Mauritius


  • 1. Making the Smart Move 2 Study Abroadwww.smartmove2studyabroad.comDisclaimer: Information contained in this presentation is for representation purposes only and does not constitute advice. While all care has been taken in compiling the information, users should take professional advise before acting on the same.

2. What Is Study Abroad? A student pursuing educational opportunities in a country other than one's own, is known as Study Abroad or Overseas Education. 3. Did you know In 2013150,000 students went to study abroad 75% were for Post Graduate courses (MBA, M.Sc, PGDs) UN reports that 1 in every 35 person is a migrant Today you have the best option to live and work in another country 4. Why Study Abroad? 5. Quality of degree / education 6. Gain Work ExperienceCheck if the country offers a Post Study Work Visa 7. Give Your Career International Edge 8. Meet new people, visit new places 9. Improve Your Language SkillsFrench Government offers free French Language classes for all international students 10. Develop Unique Skills 11. Learn About Yourself and Gain New Perspectives 12. Route To Permanent SettlementUSACanadaAustraliaNZFrance 13. Its really simple too Low budgets (course start from Rs. 4 lakhs)* No English Language test* Work Part Time with your studies Work Full Time in vacations* Pay after securing visas* Minimum 10th Pass** Subject to country and course selection 14. Perceptions of Employers about Education Abroad Many employers value the ability of potential hires to succeed in unfamiliar situations with co-workers from different backgrounds and cultures. Few companies set out to hire recent graduates who have studied or interned abroad. Students have to learn how to talk about that experience in terms of transferrable skills, how it relates to what an employer wants. 15. Perceptions of Employers about Education AbroadSource: Independent study of cross section of Large and Small enterprises in India, 2012 16. BranchesSmart Move 2 Study Abroad 703, B-Wing, Sagar Tech Plaza, Near Saki Naka Junction, Andheri East, Mumbai 400 072(M) +91966 448 3215(O) +91 22 2850 9883 (E) Support@sm2sa.comwww.smartmove2studyabroad.comStation Road, Vasai (W) J.M Road, Deccan, Pune Safina Plaza, M G Road, Bengaluru