Smart Cities and Personal Learning Environments

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Opening address a.k.a. chaotic (un)Keynote presentation for the PLE Conference (Berlin) 2013

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  • 1. Smart Cities and Personal Learning EnvironmentsLearning and Diversity in Cities of the Future

2. Collaborative unkeynoteHelen Keegan @heloukeeMax Schleser @MaxMobileDan Wagner @e_mergingand YOU! 3. This session 09:30-09:35 Chat with Ilona Buchem 09:35-09:45 Helen intro/show vids (slide 5) 09:45-09:50 Max (24F24H) 09:50-09:55 Max Qs/discussion 09:55-10:00 Dan (ELVSS) 10:00-10:05 Dan Qs/discussion 10:10-10:20 Mobile Creativity 10:20-10:30 reconvene, view outputs, nish 4. What do you think our learning environments will look like in the cities of the future? What will we use them for? Google Doc here lets share/crowdsource our thoughts! 5. Building Smarter Cities for a Smarter PlanetIBM can help build a sustainable and smarter city by using smart grids to improve healthcare systems, education systems, energy and utilities, transportation, public safety and economic development watch?v=Vx0wEUA6bLM 6. 20 Smart City Technologies for 2013 and Beyondh#p:// 7. The trouble with paternalists is that they want to make impossibly profound changes, and they choose impossibly supercial means for doing so. (Jacobs, 2000) 8. Grassroots/citizen-led initiativesDAVE MEE of Manchester Madlab 9. UK Riots 2011 10. Smart Cities?Smart CITIZENS 11. If you search on a combination of Smart, Cities and Community there are plenty of examples of the term Smart City being used to promote different cities but far less of it being used to acknowledge proactive activities by or with real people.Dave Carter Head of MDDA modern-or-the-techno-empire-strikes-back/ 12. Dan Hill - ManifestoThe city is its people. We dont make cities in order to make buildings and infrastructure. We make cities in order to come together, to create wealth, culture, more people Enter the smart citizens. Despite the heavy, infrastructure-led visions of the systems integrators and IT corporations, the most interesting and productive use of contemporary technology in the city is here, literally in the hands of citizens. instead.html#more 13. The whole city as a learning environment 14. Connecting Creating Collaborating CrowdsourcingMOBILE 15. Max Schleser24 Frames 24 Hours 16. Dan WagnerEntertainment Labs for the Very Small Screen 17. Lets Create!What do you think our learning environments will look like in the cities of the future? What will we use them for?Create a 15 second video using Instagram (could be a talking head, could be something more abstract) upload with the following hashtag: #PLEconf13lm 18. Please email your videos to:helerama@googlemail.comLETS MAKE IT HAPPEN PEOPLE!#pleconf = Active Citizens