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PDHPE RationalThe importance of PDHPEin Primary SchoolsMiss Patricia Goncalves 2aPersonal Development, Health and Physical Education (PDHPE)

Objective of PDHPEStudents are able to make educated and informed decisions related to health and physical activity, creating positive attitudes towards a healthy lifestyle.The PDHPE unit aims to support and improve students quality of life such as, individual wellbeing, inclusive of social, mental, physical and spiritual health through knowledge and understanding. By developing and enhancing skills, values and attitudes students can lead healthy and fulfilling lives.

21st Century RealityDietitians Association of Australia identified between the years 1985 to 1995 children who were overweight doubled and obesity tripled.Results from the 2007-2008 Australian National Childrens Nutrition and Physical Activity Survey indicated that 1 in 4 children aged 5-17 years are now overweight or obese.

Heart Foundation Association found children who have a healthy weight range as a result of a healthy and balanced lifestyle have positive body image, higher self-esteem and sense of overall wellbeing in comparison to those who dont .

EmotionsGrowthDevelop-mentSafetyChange HealthLifestyleRelation-shipsEmotionsGrowthDevelop-mentLifestyleBenefit of PDHPE ?

physical, social, cognitive and emotional growth and development

Adoption of an active lifestyle

Informed decision making

Understanding and valuing of self and others

Development and maintenance of positive interpersonal relationshipsBenefit of PDHPE ?

Parents Role

Getting involved inThe decision makingprocess.Bridging perspectives.Assist in the implementation process to support children's learning.Creating a partnership between school and home to make long lasting positive changes

He who has health, has hope; and he who has hope, has everything.Thomas CarlyleOur Class PhilosophyLets create hope in our children!