Sleeping Beauty

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Sleeping Beauty is the 10th in this series of story telling. Read stories, comprehend well, ask questions, answer rightly and improve your language skills.

Text of Sleeping Beauty

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2. Sleeping Beauty Walt Disney Series X 3. Walt Disney Series XIn this series I will tell you some storiesSelected from world classics.Its to improve your Language skills, Listening skills, Narrative skills, Vocabulary, and Comprehensive abilities 4. Please Read on:Once upon a time there lived a King andQueen who longed so much to have ababy.And when they finally had a daughterthey were very happy. 5. They called her Aurora, whichmean dawn like the sun atthe dawn she brightened theirlives. 6. People from far and nearflocked to the castle to conveytheir good wishes. 7. The three good fairies Flora,Fauna and Merryweather alsoarrived to bless Aurora. 8. Flora blessed the princesswith beauty while Faunablessed her with the gift ofsong. 9. But as Merryweather wasabout to give her gift to thebaby, a gust of wind blew openthe doors. 10. There was a flash of lightningand a flash of thunder. 11. Suddenly a bright flame beganto burn in the hall, which tookthe shape of a woman. 12. The wicked fairy Maleficenthad arrived and to show angerat not having been invited shecursed the baby 13. On her sixteenth birthdayyour daughter shall prick herfinger on the spindle of aspinning wheel and die! shesaid. 14. The good fairies could notundo the curse, but theychanged it. 15. She shall not die, but sleepuntil a kiss of the true lovebreaks the spell, saidMerryweather. 16. The King and Queen would doanything to protect theirdaughter. 17. The King ordered that allspinning wheels in theKingdom be burned.But the fairies thought thiswas not safe enough. 18. We will raise your daughterand bring her back when thecurse ends on her seventeenthbirthday, they offered. 19. So they brought the baby tothe woods and as the yearswent by she grew more andmore beautiful. 20. On her sixteenth birthday, thegood fairies sent Aurora outinto the woods to pick berries,so that they had time toprepare a party. 21. She walked along happilysinging when suddenly sheheard someone say: What alovely voice 22. Aurora turned around and sawthe most wonderful young manand without thinking sheinvited him to the cottage thatvery night. 23. When Aurora came back to thefairies she was all excited. 24. I think I have fallen in love,she said and told them allabout the young man in thewood and the invitation. 25. The fairies knew the time hadcome to tell the truth. 26. They told Aurora the wholestory and then they all beganthe long journey back to thecastle. 27. But all Aurora could think ofwas the young man who wouldcome to the cottage in vain. 28. When Princess Aurora arrivedat the castle, Maleficent put aspell on her and in a tranceshe went to a secret room in atower where Maleficient hadhidden a spinning wheel. 29. Aurora touched the spindleand fell into deep sleep. 30. In the meantime, Flora hadfound out that Auroras youngman was Prince Philip. 31. Now it was time to find him only his kiss could save thePrincess. 32. That night when Prince Philipwent to visit Aurora in thecottage he was surprised bythe terrible Maleficent. 33. Capture him! she shouted toher henchmen, he is the onlyone who has the power tobreak my curse on Aurora. 34. Prince Philip was brought toMaleficents dungeon andthere she revealed to him thathis girl from the wood wasreally a Princess. 35. Luckily the good fairies foundMaleficents dungeon and withwisdom and magic theymanaged to save the Princefrom Maleficent and herhenchmen. 36. These weapons will help youtriumph over all evil, they saidand gave him a Shield of Virtueand a Sword of Truth. 37. Then Prince Philip rushed offto save his Princess. 38. As he got close to the palace,Maleficent let a wall of thornsgrow up in front of him, but hecut his way through that. 39. Then she turned herself into afuming dragon. 40. It seemed an impossible battle,but after an exhausting fightwith the weapons the goodfairies had given him, PrincePhilip finally won and racedthrough the palace gates. 41. In a room in the tower hefound his beautiful, sleepingAurora. 42. Wake up, my lovelyPrincess, he whispered andkissed her gently on her lips. 43. Aurora woke up and smiled toher prince. Together they leftthe chamber and descendedthe stairs. 44. The Prince brought her to herparents and they were happilyreunited. 45. And that night everyone at thecastle celebrated. 46. Princess Aurora and PrincePhilip danced in each othersarms the whole night. 47. Who would have dreamedthat all this would end sohappily, the King sighed andfelt very pleased. 48. "The Sleeping Beauty (French: La Belleau bois dormant, "The Beauty sleepingin the wood") by Charles Perrault or"Little Briar Rose"(German: Dornrschen) by the BrothersGrimm is a classic fairytale involving abeautiful princess, enchantment ofsleep, and a handsome prince. Writtenas an original literary tale, it was firstpublished by CharlesPerrault in Histoires ou contes du tempspassin 1697. 49. Questions:1. What is the name of the Sleeping Beauty?2. Who is Maleficent?3. List out the Characters of the fairy-tale. 50.