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  • 1. Dell Youth Learning Implemented byLearning Links Foundation1DELL YOUTH LEARNING

2. 3. Definition for Singular Singular means just one e.g. one Monkey.3DELL YOUTH LEARNING 4. Definition for Plural Plural means more than one E.g. lots of Monkeys.4DELL YOUTH LEARNING 5. Some special cases 1 Some noun become a new word: Man Men Tooth - Teeth Goose - Geese5DELL YOUTH LEARNING 6. Some special cases 2 IF the noun ends in vowel +y , the plural is made by adding s Keys Days6DELL YOUTH LEARNING 7. Some special cases 3 IF the noun ends in a consonant +y , the plural is made by adding ies One baby Lots of babiesOne fairy7Lots of fairiesDELL YOUTH LEARNING 8. Some special cases 4 Some nouns do not change at all when made plural: Sheep Sheep Deer Deer8DELL YOUTH LEARNING 9. Some special cases 5 Some nouns that end in consonant +o change to es when made plural. 1.2.9tomato tomatoes potato potatoesDELL YOUTH LEARNING 10. Some special cases 6 Nouns ending in vowel +o have plurals in sradio radioskangaroo - kangaroos10DELL YOUTH LEARNING 11. Some special cases 7 If the singular ends in sh, -ch, -x, -z, - es is added. boxes churches 11DELL YOUTH LEARNING 12. Some special cases 8 Plural same as singular series series crossroads - crossroads12DELL YOUTH LEARNING 13. Some special cases 9 In noun + adverb combinations, the plural s is usually added to the noun. passer-by - passers-by runner-up - runners-up13DELL YOUTH LEARNING 14. Some special cases 10 Some plurals have no singular forms. glasses jeans oats 14DELL YOUTH LEARNING 15. Irregular and special plurals Plurals in ves WolfThief15WolvesThievesDELL YOUTH LEARNING 16. Exercise Can you make these nouns plural? Boy Ice Cream Fry Toy Cap Chocolate 16DELL YOUTH LEARNING 17. Exercise Here are the answers: Boys Ice Creams Fries Toys Caps Chocolates 17DELL YOUTH LEARNING 18. Exercise Lets us try some more: Memo Shelf Leaf Brush Piano 18DELL YOUTH LEARNING 19. Exercise Here are the answers: Memos Shelves Leaves Brushes Pianos 19DELL YOUTH LEARNING 20.