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<ol><li> 1. Email: IND: +91-40-6050-1418 Skype: Global.Onlinetrainings USA: +1-516-8586-242 UK:+44 (0)203 371 0077 SHARE POINT at Global Online Trainings </li><li> 2. SHARE POINT ONLINE TRAINING SharePoint is a web application module offering a set of tools to be used to offer intranet portals, and related file management, alliance, and social networks fir enhancing workflow capabilities. Online SharePoint training by Global Online Trainings offers IT Pros and Developers all inclusive information they need to install, organize, accomplish, and upkeep on-premises forms of SharePoint Server. In addition, each of the modules will teach participants the best opportunities related to this certification. Join the professional Share point courses today and give your professional career a boost of Microsoft certification power. All classes are arranged in flexi timing mode against most reasonable cost! </li><li> 3. SHAREPOINT 2010 ADMINISTRATION COURSE CONTENT TOPIC 1. WHATS NEW IN SHAREPOINT 2010? TOPIC 2. ARCHITECTURE AND CAPACITY PLANNING TOPIC 3. INSTALLING AND CONFIGURING SHAREPOINT TOPIC 4. UNDERSTANDING SERVICE APPLICATIONS TOPIC 5. CLAIMS AUTHENTICATION AND OATH TOPIC 6. ADMINISTERING SHAREPOINT WITH WINDOWS POWERSHELL TOPIC 7. CONFIGURING SHAREPOINT FOR BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE TOPIC 8. CONFIGURING SHAREPOINT FOR HIGH-AVAILABILITY BACKUPS TOPIC 9. MANAGING SHAREPOINT DEVELOPER SOLUTIONS AND FEATURES </li><li> 4. TOPIC 10. BRANDING SHAREPOINT TOPIC 11. CONFIGURING AND MANAGING ENTERPRISE SEARCH TOPIC 12. CONFIGURING USER PROFILES AND SOCIAL COMPUTING TOPIC 13. THE OFFICE WEB APPLICATIONS FOR SHAREPOINT TOPIC 14. WORKING WITH SHAREPOINT DESIGNER TOPIC 15. TROUBLESHOOTING SHAREPOINT TOPIC 16. MONITORING AND ANALYTICS TOPIC 17. CONFIGURING AND MANAGING WEB CONTENT MANAGEMENT AND INTERNET SITES TOPIC 18. UPGRADING TO SHAREPOINT 2010 </li><li> 5. Please Like Us On Facebook : LinkedIn: Twitter: </li></ol>