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  • 1.Enforce Governance by Provisioning Sites with Workflows

2. Ed Hild
Technology Architect at the Microsoft Technology Center. Author of Pro SharePoint Solution Development. Callout in the SharePoint Best Practices book.
3. Agenda
Review some vocabulary
Why managing site provisioning is important
Site provisioning examples:
Out-of-the-Box Self Service Provisioning
Using a Visual Studio .NET workflow
Using SharePoint Designer
Leveraging the Out-of-the-box workflows
4. Vocabulary:Site versus Site Collection
Customer A
Customer B
Customer C
Project 1
Project 2
Project 3
Project 4
Project 5
5. Vocabulary:Important facts about site collections
Can be provisioned at a managed path
Content must reside within a single content database
Supports quotas
Defines an inheritance tree for security
Supports site use confirmation and deletion
6. Vocabulary:Questions to ask yourself
At what level will quotas be maintained?
Are there different SLAs for different customers?
Do we need to distribute content across content databases?
Do I have to prevent accidental access across customers or projects?
Will the customer sites require their own developed web parts?
What will the naming conventions be for URLs?
7. Worst Practice:ie What not to do
Dont build out your taxonomy without answering the previous questions.
You may have difficulty meeting SLA
Backup and Recovery procedures may be untimely
You could run into scalability problems
You may not be able to use OOB capability to help you identify stale content
You may not be in a position to enforce governance policies
8. Vocabulary:Out-of-the-Box Provisioning Controls
Site Collections
Self service site creation
Turned on or off in Central Admin for a Web Application
Allows user to create site collections within managed paths
Allow user to specify title, URL, and template
Permissions granted within the top-level site
Allows user to specify title, URL, and template
9. Self-service site provisioning
Best Practice: Configure self-service site provisioning to create site collections for ad-hoc collaboration processes.
10. Vocabulary:Defining Governance
Governance develops and manages consistent, cohesive policies, processes and decision-rights for a given area of responsibility.
Governance makes decisions that define expectations, grant power, or verify performance. 1/24/2008
11. Envisioning a Better Way
Enable the user to self provision sites but in a constrained way particular to their business process
URL naming convention
Selection of template
Different approval paths
Control security settings
Audit log
Allow the environment to support different provisioning processes
12. Provisioning with a VS.NET Workflow
Developers can use Visual Studio to create workflows that define a process for site provisioning adding approvals, auditing, and control.
13. Key Concepts
VS.NET developers can construct a workflow made up of activities
Built using MOSS SDK template if using VS.NET 2005 or the VSTO template in VS.NET 2008
A code activity can create site collections
Best Practices:
Use the Contact helper class
Deploy as a Solution/Feature
14. Provisioning using SharePoint designer
SharePoint Designer can be extended to provide site collection administrators the ability to define workflows for the creation of sub-sites.
15. Key Concepts
Developers can deploy new activities that will integrate into SharePoint Designer
SharePoint Designer workflows are built in production
SharePoint Designer workflows are built against a specific list or library
Best Practice:
Incorporate SPD workflows as point solutions created by end-users not enterprise-wide workflows
16. Provisioning using out-of-the-box workflows
You can simplify supporting multiple provisioning processes by leveraging the Out-of-the-Box workflows and extending them with an extra step.
17. Key Concepts
You cant modify the code of the OOB workflows
Best Practices:
Analyze perspective workflows to see if you can generalize them to this OOB+ pattern
Use the Content Approval flag to know when an OOB workflow has completed and then an event handler
Storing the provisioning settings externally in another list adds flexibility
18. Review
Most organizations want to add control to how sites and site collections get created
URL naming convention
Selection of template
Different approval paths
Control security settings
Audit log
Workflows can support process for provisioning
19. Resources
Governance Information for SharePoint Server 2007
Provisioning a site collection with a custom VS.NET workflow
Custom filter provider web part
Building Custom Activities for Use in SharePoint 2007
Leveraging Out-of-the-Box workflows for site provisioning
20. Resources
21. Thank you for attending!
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