Share point 2013 certification

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<ul><li> 1. SharePoint 2013 Certification70-488 Developing MicrosoftSharePoint Server 2013 CoreSolutions </li> <li> 2. Exam in numbers 4 scenarios 24 questions related to scenario 21 classic questions 45 questions in total 155 minutes for exam At least 4 years of SharePoint developmentexperience </li> <li> 3. Structure of scenario Introduction Business requirements Technical requirements UML/User Case Permission requirements Source code files Around 4-6 pages of text 5-7 question on scenario </li> <li> 4. Style of questions Rarely one answer Multi-choice and partly answers Drag and drop question Step by step question Dropdown questions </li> <li> 5. Focus of questions Workflow (configuration, no-code, migration) App (Apply parent branding, permissions, appcatalog, app store, deployment/releasemanagement, office apps) Design Manager (Chrome, Device channels, Stephow to change master page) Taxonomy (CSOM), Web templates, Feature upgrade Migration functionality (2010 to 2013) Claims Authentication, InforPath, Timer Job Assembly binding, and more </li> </ul>