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  • 1.The business collaboration platform for the Enterprise and the WebMJ FerdousBrainStation-23 | Author, MSSharePointTips

2. Video URL 3. 200120032007 SharePoint Portal Windows WindowsServerSharePointSharePointServices 2.0Services 3.0 Microsoft Microsoft OfficeSharePoint Portal SharePoint ServerServer 2003 2007 4. SharePoint Foundation 2010 5. SitesCompositesCommunities Insights Content Search 6. SitesCompositesCommunities Insights Content Search 7. The basic capabilities required to use SharePoint sites to engageemployees, partners and customers in an effective manner, bothinside and outside the firewall Enterprise Web Platform Quickly build / deploy Enterprise class web sites that helpreach, engage and empower employees, customers and partners 8. InternetBusinessPowerful FrameworkFlexible Web ServerRobust DatabaseStandard-Friendly ToolsSecure and ScalableInternet Extranet EnterpriseDivision TeamIndividual Business Productivity 9. SitesCompositesCommunities Insights Content Search 10. Collaboration Social interaction on the web is immensely popular by consumers now quickly gaining traction and adoption by Enterpriseorganisations Evolution of collaboration Shift of focus away from content to people and communities 11. People are key !User generated contentCollaborate contentPeople searchMySitesColleague trackingSocial feedback and organization 12. SharePoint Communities 13. SharePoint Communities 14. SharePoint Communities 15. SitesContent Is The King !CompositesCommunities Insights Content Search 16. Formally known as Content Management The facilities for the creation, review, publication and disposal ofcontent including conforming to defined compliance rules, whetherthe content exists as traditional documents or as Webpages. SharePoint 2010s content-management capabilities includedocument management, records management, and Web-contentmanagement. Information workers need tools to manage the entire lifecycle ofcontent from the time it is created to when it is published andfinally disposed or stored for long term archival 17. Integrated solution to manage the complete content lifecycle Review/ ManagePublishArchive DisposeAuthor ApproveEnable authoring/information capture with review/approval capabilitiesCentrally managed repositories with retention/auditing policies, metadata and securityIntegrated intranet, extranet and internet publishing capabilitiesContent Type = Metadata + BehaviorTaxonomy = corporate top down / folksonomy bottom up 18. Check in / Checkout Document RepositoryVersioning (major/minor)Workflow / Business ProcessesContent approval Sales EmploymentClaimsWorkflowRole based securityContractsAsia Pacific RegionAuditingScanner or Multi- Office function device Team Sites FormsWeb 19. SharePoint Document Librariesproviding DM functionalityTight Desktop Integration 20. Separation of content andpresentation Web Content Repository Authoring: (HTML Editor / Office)Content Built in review/approvalworkflowTemplates HTML Site variations Web Pages Personalised content Site DevelopersContent Template designers Deployment systemGraphics Designers Authors 21. Enterprise Wiki Divisional Portal Corporate Intranet Internet No approval FewerSimple Highly authorsworkflow controlled Manypublishing authors LightweightBranded with approval custom Structured Unstructuredcontentmaster page Lightly Pixel perfect branded branding 22. Out of the Box Built in Theme Custom ThemeFully Custom & Alternate Master PageTime: 0Time: 5 minTime: 30 min Time: DaysSkills: None Skills: None Skills: BasicSkills: Pro webdesign design 23. Master Page Field Controls Master Pages Page Layout Field Controls Page Layout FileName PageLayoutTitleBodyImageWelcome.aspx PageLayout.aspx Welcome To NewsLorem ipsum dolor sit ... /Images/Chair.jpgPages Doc Lib2.0CMS Page Rendering 24. 25. SitesCompositesCommunities Insights Content Search 26. SharePoint SearchDesigned for a collaboration platform 27. SitesCompositesCommunities Insights Content Search 28. Business Insight Dashboards, KPI web parts Browser based access to spreadsheet functionality Connect to SQL 2008 Analysis Services Performance management process through personalized Web-based scorecards Advanced analytic and data visualization capabilities 29. SharePoint Insights 30. SitesCompositesCommunities Insights Content Search 31. Workflow e.g. Approval, Request Feedback, TranslationWorkflows in flight are persisted in SharePointWindow Workflow Human workflow interaction via Office Client or SharePoint.Out of the box standard patterns re shipped with MOSS 2007FoundationCustom workflows developers using Office Visio andSharePoint Designer 2007Complex workflow developers using Visual StudioIntegration Business connectivity services. 32. SharePoint Composites 33. SharePoint Composites What can be deployed? Web Parts Event Receivers Feature Activation Receivers Workflow Actions InfoPath Forms Site and List Templates 34. SharePoint CompositesMy Artists Artist Tracker > Artists Contracts Artist NameAddress City StateArtist Artist Name:Mandible Deathrattle Artists Concourse Jay Hamlin Trio Down on the Bayou Andrew Datars Quartet Agent: Concourse Stuck in the Mud Jay Hamlin Trio Tastes like chicken Down on the Bayou Mandible Concourse 35. Extensibility forSharePoint artifacts Support for SharePoint Import solutions from Sandboxed Solutions SharePoint Designer, including Workflow 36. MJ FerdousConsultant, BrainStation-23 | Author, MSSharePointTips