Seven popular British items. Seven wonders of Britain

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  • 1. : Seven popularBritish items. Seven wondersof Britain. : .: English 7

2. What words doyou associatewith the wordssights andpopular items? 3. I advise you to visit Britain andRussia Especially London and Moscow Learn its culture and language, And remember : it is you chance,which is given only once. 4. Seven popularBritish items.Seven wonders ofBritain. 5. The double-decker bus Double-decker buses area popular form of publictransportation in London,where parking can beextremely difficult. Theadvantages of usingbuses within a cityinclude the low cost, therelative freedom fromstress in driving andparking a car, and, in thiscase, the view. 6. The British Parliament The Houses of Parliament,also the New Palace ofWestminster, the seat ofthe British Parliamentinclude a great mass ofbuildings on the east bankof the River Thames inLondon. They were built(1840-60) by Sir CharlesBarry, on the site of theroyal residence, the Palaceof Westminster, which waslargely destroyed by fire in1834. The buildingscontain 1100 apartments,100 staircases and 11courts. They have threemassive towers: VictoriaTower, Middle Tower andthe Clock Tower 7. The milkman 8. Cricket is played by twoteams of 11 players each.Cricket was introduced bythe British more than 200years ago.Cricket 9. The English country garden 10. The weather 11. StonehengeStonehenge was probablybuilt in three stages betweenabout 3000 and 1000 BC. It isone of the most famous andmysterious sites of GreatBritain. It appeared tofunction as a kind ofastronomical clock.