SEPTA at Altamonte Elementary _ Teachers In Action

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Text of SEPTA at Altamonte Elementary _ Teachers In Action

  • 1. SEPTA at Altamonte ElementaryGabriela Morris [email_address] April 8, 2010 EEX 4242

2. SEPTA-Special Education PTA Of Seminole County

  • An organization of parents and teachers advocating exceptional children.
  • Recognizing the special needs of exceptional children, academically, behaviorally, emotionally and physically.

3. 4. Setting

  • Altamonte Elementary School
  • Using a Pre-Kindergarten classroom
  • None of the children actually went to the Altamonte Elementary School.

5. Demographics

  • Within the Observation:
  • The children were all Caucasian
  • Mental Disabilities
  • Ages: 2-8

6. The Children

  • There were 15 students signed up, but on average about 10 showed up.
  • Their were mostly boys who enjoyed playing around the room and being creative with their games.
  • The girls were of the same age but never played together, Briana, 2, was very independent and Megan, 2, cried most of the time missing her parents.

7. What I Did?

  • Planned an art activity where the children decorated picture frames.
  • The other girls and I planned a dance activity.
  • Did activates involving playdoh.
  • Played games of Simon says and human pin-ball.

8. My Own Experiences

  • I had worked with children with disabilities before and felt comfortable playing and planning activities.
  • Though I was not sure what to expect at first, I learned a lot about patience and positive reinforcement.
  • I really enjoyed the children and the experience.

9. Reflection

  • This experience has helped me understand the patience needed to care and teach children with disabilities. These children have so much energy and keeping up with them became difficult.
  • Jacob was a 7 year old boy who really challenged everyone, he had a big impact on me because it showed me how quickly a child can go from being calm to becoming a challenge. This is especially difficult when there were other children in the room.
  • This experience had made me see that every child is very different and need specific attention, but it is very difficult in a classroom environment with other children.

10. Reflection

  • With this experience I will know as a future teacher that every child is very different and every disability is different depending on the child.
  • As a teacher an important factor, learned from this experience, would be research. Understanding the disability a child has will help in learning how to teach them.
  • An approach that I will use as a teacher will be to incorporate arts and physical education to many of my lessons. I noticed that the children got distracted of activities quickly and keeping them engaged in either an art project or a physical activity relevant to the lesson can help them avoid getting distracted.