SEO On Page Tutorial, Search Engine Optimization Tutorial

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If you want to learn onpage SEO then must read this presentation. In these slides we have described all important onpage activities. For more details visit:


  • 1. Aks Interactive Solutions Pvt. Ltd. On-Page SEO Tutorial
  • 2. On Page SEO Task
  • 3. Title and Meta Tags Titles and meta descriptions should be unique for each page. Titles length should be between 50 65 characters. Description tag should be between 150-160 characters. Description tag should be properly stuffed with keywords.
  • 4. Content Optimization Content on the web site should be fresh and unique. Content Should be in small paragraphs and use of bold, italics. Make sure content length not too large. Keyword density is 2% within content. Proper stuffing of primary and secondary keywords within content. Use proper heading tags(h1,h2,h3h6). Maintain structure of heading tags(h1>h2>h3>>h6).
  • 5. Anchor Text Make sure all links made by using anchor text. Put title on anchor text. Use broad keywords as anchor text. Do not use exact keywords as anchor text.
  • 6. Image Optimization Image filename is descriptive. You can use keywords in filename. All image must have alt tag. Use keyword in image alt tag. Do not use large size heavy image. Always minimize the image size.
  • 7. XML Sitemap Create xml sitemap for your website. Mention all public Urls within sitemap. Put xml sitemap in root folder of your website.
  • 8. robots.txt Create robots.txt file to authenticate and restrict crawler to crawl your website. Disallow all robots to crawl your site: User-Agent: * Disallow: / Allow all robots to crawl your site: User-Agent: * Allow: / For particular crawler use: User-Agent: Crawler Name For particular part and page use: Disallow: /abc/page.html
  • 9. Internal Linking Make internal links using anchor text. Link all important pages with home page. Put 2-10 internal links per page.
  • 10. The End