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SEO, or Search Engine Optimisation, is imperative for any start-up that hopes to make any kind of impact with its website. Plenty of small businesses throw money at designing slick websites, but many are simply invisible to their target audience due to a poor search engine ranking.Wai Hong Fong, co-founder of OzHut and regular StartupSmart contributor, is an expert on all things SEO. If you dont know your title tags from your meta descriptions and your website is a barren wasteland in terms of visitors, Wai Hong will have some inspired words of advice for you.


  • 1. SEO for Start-upsWai Hong FongOzHutOliver by:

2. What is SEO and how does it work?SEO is the active process of optimising a website in orderto increase traffic directed to the site from search. 3. Why is SEO important?Search engines are where people are findingeverything. More than two billion searches areperformed on Google worldwide every day. 4. Why is SEO important?The majority of web traffic is driven by majorsearch engines. In Australia, Google dominatesan estimated 94% of all search traffic. 5. What are the consequences of not havinggood SEO?If the search engines cant find yoursite you are losing out on customerswho are actually looking for servicesand products that you may have. 6. What does Google think your website lookslike? Text onlySite versionsearch 7. What you need to do to improve your onlinepresenceTitle tag URLMeta DescriptionThe three primary pieces of information thatmake up your listing are your title tag, metadescription and URL. 8. Title tagsTitle tags are arguably one of the most importanton-page factors in SEO.They can potentiallyaffect your websitesrankings withimmediate effect. 9. Title tagsEnsure all relevant keywords to the page thatyou are describing are contained in the title tag.Use no morethan two orthreekeywords in atitle tag. 10. Title tagsBear the user in mind:Titles will show up in the search results, the number of people clickingthrough to your website will be determined by how relevant and humanly-readable these titles are. 11. Meta DescriptionsThe meta description is the blurb of text thatappears below the title tag in the listing......and islimited to155characters. 12. Meta DescriptionsMeta descriptions do not affect yourrankings, but they do have a veryimportant part to play in the SEOprocess. 13. Meta Descriptions So what makes a good meta description? Use the keywords that youre targeting for that particular page Find the balance between having relevant keywords in the meta description and making it humanly readable Include a value proposition for the potential visitor to click on 14. ContentContent is king whenwritten with SEO in mind. 15. Content Always look to create content that adds value to your target market Start identifying which keywords youd like to target for the page Ensure the content matches the search intent Stuffing: Googles smart enough not to be fooled by it 16. Free Tools & Resources Insights for Search ( Google AdWords Keyword Tool ( Wikipedia 17. Thank youSponsored by: