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Double Paged Spread Progress

By Eleanor Birtles

The first thing I had to do was to open a new A3 canvas size for my double paged spread. I then rotated the canvas 90 degrees so that it was landscape.

Then next thing I did was to section off my page so that I could see that my positioning was equal the first blue line indicates where the middle of the page is then the second line is where I want my first section of text to begin I have managed to fit all three text boxes in evenly. The ruler tool has helped me in positioning my text boxes effectively.

After sectioning my double paged spread out I inserted my image. At a later stage I plan to use a better image of all of the band members.

I then used the text box tool to create three columns this is where I hope my article will go I then used the paint bucket tool to make the text boxes colourful

I then made a banner for the top of the page.

Then I made the box that I wanted to use for my top 5 documentaries of the month.

I then added two more text boxes for another part of my double paged spread.II wanted to keep the colours similar as this would support my colour theme in general and it would make the page look more professional as official magazines always stick to a colour scheme in there publications.This

The next thing I began to do was to Insert my article into the text boxes I had previously made.

This is what it looked like when I had added all the text.

I then inserted a plug with a pull quote in it as well as a little image Of the band members, although I think at a later stage I might change This image and find one a bit more suitable.As you can see I have changed the colour of my text boxes colour back to white because before I think there was to much colour but with the white I think it looks more professional.

I made the plug by creating a circle with the elliptical marquee tool I then made the colour of it burgundy so that it would match my colour scheme, I then inserted the text for my pull quote, I used the colour white because it stands out the most, I then had to position the text so that it would fit around the plug and it was still easy to read.

Making the image with the text box around it was fairly easy I used the rectangular Marquee Tool I then coloured the text box the same colour as the Plug, using the paintbucket tool and after that I made sure that the text fitted properly around the image, as I had before with the plug. My next step was to place the image in, to make sure that the image didnt go all stretched I had to hold the shift key and I wanted the image to fit in the box as evenly as possible.

I then started to design the advertising sections for other documentaries, I wanted to do this because I thought that it was a good way of advertising the other documentaries that are being created by my peers, I first inserted my image and then I put the name of the documentary underneath, then in a separate layer of text I inserted the date , I also gave a description of the documentary.

I then did this with two other advertisements and this wasmy final result

I then wanted to start my top documentaries section again as I have decided not to use the text boxes I originally made. so to match my colour scheme I created a burgundy text box that is the same colour of the other sections I have previously created, then I put the white text box over the top to make it look better, then I inserted my title, after that I inserted the text.

I then started my whos who section, this wasnt something I initially planned but I thought it was something that would be realistic as I have seen it in other publications. I placed in the image and then added my text using the text tool, I then did this for Lyle and for Kieran but for Aydan I had to add some extra steps due to the quality of his image.

Due to the image I took of Aydan I had to edit the image, even though the image is going to be small I still want the image to be of the highest quality it can be. As you can see the eyes on the image have come out red, fortunately there is a tool on Photoshop called the Red Eye Tool this involves you drawing a text box over the whole area that is red, and the when you let go the tool turns the red area black, fixing the eye and making it normal again.

I then inserted Aydans section into the whos who component of my page completing the piece.

I then wanted to include a Follow Us section as this is something that shows how current the magazine page would be as, technology is a big part of other peoples lives, so by having a twitter and facebook page as well as a YouTube channel, demonstrates that the magazine again is realistic. Firstly I did the same as what I did when I started to create the top documentaries section. I then inserted my text. The next thing I did was to add in my little icons, which in my opinion makes the whole box more interesting than if there was just text, I then inserted my text

I then made my title for my page I also inserted some page numbers to again make it more realistic

As I said earlier I wanted to change my image at a later stage after taking another photo shoot I chose this image to feature on my double paged spread. From looking at the first image you can see that it looks quite dull , and because I want my double page spread to be eye catching I thought that it would be wise to edit my image. So I opened my chosen image in camera raw and changed some of the colour settings.The first thing I did was to change the exposure and this automatically made the colours in the image brighter. I then increased the vibrance and the saturation of the image. To the right you can see my final result.

This is my final result.