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Mediation teams in Europa school of Montequinto

Text of School peer mediation in CEIP Europa

  • 1. INTRODUCTION In our school we dont have many students who have conflicts. However, some conflict situations come to produce, predominantly in the playground. Due to all this, teachers team held a meeting to tryThe completed road from then until now tofindahas not been without difficulties, but solution.everyones effort gave its fruits.

2. We, currently, participate in the project School, spaceof peace, with a coordinator (M ngeles Pedraza),teacher of the school and she managesMEDIATION TEAMSIt is a method of solving conflictsapplicable to situations wherepersons with an argument oeButwhat is dispute have reached a pointmediation?where communication is blockedor it is very difficult, so themediator helps that the parties inconflict seek a solution by theirown. 3. 2.TeachingnecessaryOBJECTIVES strategies and skills.1. Prevent violence.3. Promoting a good climate for partnership. 4. STAGES Opening of the mediation. Exhibition of the situation from the perspectiveof each part. Reformulating or reconsideration of thesituation. Evaluation and selection of options. Elaboration of a proposed agreement. Monitoring of the implementation of theagreement. 5. Characteristics of the NegotiationInformal process.Structured.It is voluntary.It is confidential.It is cooperative.It gives prominence to theparts. 6. VALUES OF MEDIATIONIT HELPS TO MAKE DECISIONS ABOUT YOURSELF.PROMOTES THE RESPECT AND COOPERATION(WIN/WIN SOLUTIONS).THE COMMITMENTS ARE ASSUMED AS THEIROWN, NOT BE IMPOSED.IT FAVORS JUSTICE, NOT THE POWER. 7. FUNCTIONS OF MEDIATORSThey will help the parties to express theirpositions, interests and values.They help to generate trust among them.Facilitate the search for solutions, not advised. 8. WHAT A MEDIATOR DOESNT HAVETO DO? 1. Asking too many questions.Practice active listening and letthe parties to express in theirown way. 3.Discuss with one of the parties. Dont show disgust, dont2. To ask too many whysoppose to oneRather than ask Why have youof the parties.insulted?, better to say tell me. 9. 4. Making judgments.Dont say:One of you must be lying,but: Both of you havedifferent points of view aboutwhat happenedThese are nonsenses...; in its5. Give If this is interesting for Instead of saying: Youyou, you can see it in anothermust remember thetime.important thing is mutualrespect, make it as:How do you like yourrelationship would be inthe future? 10. 6. Threaten the parties.Dont say:If you dont solve this youll have to fix it with arecord of punishment.On the other hand, you can say you agree toresolve it, it may be hard, but in spite of this, wehave come a long way and it is important that wecontinue in this direction7. To force reconciliation.When the parties reach an agreement, you should not beforced this. Not you ask them which are friends again, ask orgive excuses or give your hands, ask them: What you cando to find you happier?What solutions would be fairer to both parties? 11. RECOMMENDATIONSSearch for solutions. Solutions will be assimilable by parties to the dispute of theEvaluation of solutions. conflict.Reflection serene about the They will take intoproposed solutions.account theirDiscard those that dont ensure feelings, needs,satisfactory.interests and values,Take those where there is a greater recommendationsconsensus. 12. Formulation of the problem knowledge of the different perspectives of the conflict.. Each person must make explicit his vision aobut him or herself. Creating a positive atmosphere that allows to address the conflict. It must beClarify and define the dimensions of motivation and having a consensualthe conflict. procedure.Select key dimensions of the conflict.To get that we have to find the elements ofagreement and disagreement. 13. C.E.I.P EUROPA (Montequinto)MEDIATIONWORKSHOP FOR STUDENTSTO MEDIATE I POINTEDME CEIP EUROPA t wh at we a we do abouACADEMICtYEAR, 2011-2012. We are whwe are ange what do to chCoordinator:M ngeles Pedraza Cabiedas 14. C.E.I.P EUROPA (Montequinto)Mediation workshopTH IS?D OESHOW It is proposed from the project School, space of peace, responding to the most important conflicts of primary school pupils. 15. C.E.I.P EUROPA (Montequinto) Mediation workshop INITIALS ITUA TIONFill in a questionnairefrom 4 to 6 grade As Are there conflicts? se of ssm re su ent Where they arise? With who or whom?lts Why? How they are resolved? Do you like to be assistedby a colleague? 16. C.E.I.P EUROPA (Montequinto)Mediation workshop WHO WESCHOOL COUNSELORARE ?TEACHERS: Coordinator of the projectVolunteer teachers (2)STUDENTSFourth grade: 5 participants Fifth grade: 2 participants (Continuity in the next academic year) 17. C.E.I.P EUROPA (Montequinto)Mediation workshopWHE RE WDOARE EW HEN T?LOCA TED?EM EE MultiW purpotime se roeb reak om ay in thWe dn e s dFORASK HO CAN ION?WED IAT Any student from first to Msixth grade and any teacher. 18. C.E.I.P EUROPA (Montequinto) Mediation workshopTO BETW E D O S?Contracts toWHATOR form part ofME DIA the network of mediators Commitments Games of groupInformationcohesionto thefamilies ofmediators Training for mediatorsWho can be a What does being How I have to What resourcesMEDIATOR? MEDIATOR? act in and strategies Imediation?have? 19. C.E.I.P EUROPA (Montequinto)Mediation workshopKN OW ERS STUDENTSOTH ?HOWUS MEDIATOR card Presentation in classes By word of mouth TEACHERS Teachers meeting Meeting of COORDINATORS Direct information to TUTORS 20. C.E.I.P EUROPA (Montequinto) Mediatin workshop LT HAT RIAATE USE ? For mediation enMthe schoolWE Requests for MEDIATION Agenda topics Contracts, agreements and covenants For TRAININGVideos, books, materials andexperiences of mediation 21. C.E.I.P EUROPA (Montequinto) Mediation Committee AND AFTER WHAT?To get the MEDIATION to be part of the daily life of the centre we will follow some series of steps:Mediation team*Meet more or less regularly to improve the training,promote it, etc...- It is important to activate *Campaigns of dissemination in the Centre: forandtopublicizethe example workshops in Cultural Week or Peace Daymediation from the team *Plan activities to improve the application.created for this purpose and*Encourage colleagues to request get this is interesting:*Participe in continuous training. 22. C.E.I.P EUROPA (Montequinto) Mediation committeeAND AFTER WHAT?InstitutionalizationDissemination of the programm - mediation should be incorporated in the- It is essential to promote and Educational Project of the Centre,publicize the program throughCoexistence Plan and in the Rules oftutoring,posters, dramaInternal Regime, becoming systemsimulations, brochures or otherparallel, complementaryand notmeasures deemed appropriate. antagonistic to the procedure to use to actions contrary to the proper functioning of the Centre based on the rights and duties of pupils. 23. C.E.I.P EUROPA (Montequinto) Mediation committeeAND AFTER WHAT?We think the systematic collaborationbetween the team orientation and tutorsare the best vehicle of transmission of thisway of proceeding. 24. C.E.I.P EUROPA (Montequinto) Mediation REMEMBER, WERE NOT LOOKING FOR WHOS RIGHT OR WRONG...INWE ARETHEWAY ...WERE LOOKING FOR AN AGREEMENT!!!

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