A new jacket for Santa

Santa's new jacquet

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A new jacket for Santa

Its Christmas Eve. Its cold and snowy. Santa gets ready for giving presents

He puts on his trousers, he puts on his bootsHe puts on his gloves and his hat.

But when he wants to put on his jacket Where is my Jacket?, He says.

Santa looks for his jacket.Is it on the wardrobe?, No, it isnt.Is it in the cupboard? , No, it isnt.But he hears a noise

When Santa looks under the bed, he sees three little kittens sleeping on his jacket!!!

What a problem!!! Santa doesnt want to wake up the kittens

But its Christmas Eve, and he must give presents to children!! And outside is very cold!!

But Mrs. Claus gives her present to Santa Its a new jacket!!

Santa is very happy!! He puts on his new jacket, he takes his sleigh and distributes gifts all over the world.. Merry Christmas!!

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