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#RSCON4 presentation on Genius Hour. Learn how (and why) to introduce Genius Hour in your classroom!

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  • 1. Genius Hour Creativity. Passion. Wonder. By Gallit Zvi - @gallit_z

2. what is Genius Hour? 3. Genius Hour is a precious time, loved by all my students. It is when they are allowed to develop their own inquiry question about whatever it is that they want to explore. 4. Genius Hour Productive, creative, empowered students making decisions about what to learn, and then passionately learning and creating. ~Denise Krebs 5. WHY? We should always know why we are learning, doing, teaching... 6. Richard St. John: The Power of Passion 7. Schools Kill Creativity TED Talk 8. Genius, Latin definition: "to bring into being, create, produce." 9. Daniel Pink The Puzzle of Motivation TED Talk 10. autonomy, purpose, mastery 11. NOT THIS 12. Angela MaiersYou Matter TED Talk 13. 21st Century Learning Skills creativity and innovation collaboration communication critical thinking 14. Yocontribution. "You are a genius and the world expects your contribution"~Angela Maiers 15. HOW? 16. By giving them one hour a week! 17. Genius Hour as an idea gives autonomous personalized learning time out of every week for students to question, think, learn, and explore the things that they loved and were curious about. This was something special that engaged learners like nothing I had seen before. ~Hugh McDonald, Grade 6/7 18. WHO? 19. Everyone! 20. WHEN? 21. What Works for You One hour per week One day each month (20% time) Two days per term (Innovation Day/Week) 22. WHERE? 23. Piano Playing for Genius HourAt the Piano 24. On an iPadOn an iPad 25. With a camcorder 26. In front of the school 27. Introducing Genius Hour 28. Inspirational Videos!Creativity Takes Time 29. Start With our Passions & Wonders 30. Creativity Rubric We have students focus on 1 or 2 elements of the Genius Hour Creativity Rubric when working through their Genius Hour Project. 31. Resources 32. #GeniusHour @GeniusHour 33. Keep in Touch! Gallit Zvi Twitter @gallit_z Blog Email