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<ul><li><p>We are thankful to the Royal Institute of Information technology to give us an opportunity to prepare this project. We will be inharmonious to express our gratitude to our faculty A.K SAINI B.K SHARMA This project would not have been completed without those people who co-operated with us and helped us in completing the project. It was such a great experience for us &amp; will definitely helpful in improving our skills. </p></li><li><p> The late SS.GOENKA, f. </p><p>under of the company Pvt. Ltd. Set up &amp; known as TALLY SOLUTIONS PVT. </p><p> The undisputed king of all financial accounting packages available in India. </p><p> Capable of handling all kind of transaction. </p><p> For Its use- neither need to learn new accounting methods nor should change existing style of handling accounts. </p><p> Covers a wide area - can be used by the owner, financial controller, accountant, manager or an auditor </p></li><li><p> Tally 4.5 Dos based Accounts with Inventory. </p><p> Tally 5.4 Windows based Accounts with Inventory. </p><p> Tally 6.3 With online finalization Auditing &amp; </p><p> Tally 7.0 Import and Export features. </p><p> Tally 7.2 With VAT, TDS &amp; Service Tax </p><p> Tally 8.1 With FBT &amp; Excise Duty. </p><p> Tally 9.0 8.1 with Payroll system , Multi-Language Extra formality feature. </p><p> Tally ERP.9 Tally ERP.9 with Remote Access facility, Multi-budgets &amp; scenarios &amp; etc. </p></li><li><p> Tally Solutions Pvt Ltd. is a Bangalore-based software company that currently sells into more than 100 countries beyond its native India, including </p><p>the United Kingdom, Bangladesh and the Middle East. </p><p> Tally's software is mainly used for vouchers, financial statements, and taxation in many industries, and has specialized packages for retail businesses. More advanced </p><p>capabilities are found in its Enterprise resource planning package. </p><p> Industry Computer software </p><p>Founder(s) S. S. Goenka </p><p>Headquarters Bangalore, India </p><p>Area served India Bangladesh Middle East United Kingdom </p></li><li><p> Increase in audit efficiency because of ease in access to the client's data and reports remotely. </p><p> Powerful remote capabilities that boost collaboration . </p><p> Easy to find qualified personnel . Easy to customize. Low cost of ownership via quick </p><p>implementation, Tally Integrator, Support </p><p>Centre. </p><p>Advantages of Tally.ERP 9: </p></li><li><p> Security is not there. </p><p> Cannot have alerts if credit limit exceeds for any customer .No pop ups or message is displayed by the software. </p><p>LIMITATIONS </p></li><li><p>: </p></li><li><p>Step 1: Go to Gateway of Tally &gt; Company Info &gt; Create company </p><p>Step 2: Fill the details in all options (Option which are filled by default are mandate to fill &amp; other </p><p> are optional) </p><p> Step 3: Accept the screen by pressing Enter or Ctrl+A. </p><p> ALTERATION : A created companys detail can be modified at a later time through keys Alt+[F3] or choosing the Alter option from </p><p>gateway of tally. A company has been successfully created with </p><p>the above information </p></li><li><p>Creation of Account Heads First of all, open tally.erp9 program. Now, select the company in which you want to work. Type the password if any. Now, you are on gateway of tally Select Accounts Info under Master. </p></li><li><p>Basically group and ledger are </p><p>both helpful to make simple </p><p>category of our assets , liabilities </p><p>, income and expenditures into </p><p>current and fixed asset , direct </p><p>and indirect expenses and loss </p><p>and income . </p><p>Creating Accounting Master </p><p>Gateway of Tally&gt;Accounts </p><p>Info.&gt;Groups </p></li><li><p>Gateway of Tally&gt;Accounts Info.&gt;Ledgers </p></li><li><p>Groups are collection of Ledgers of the same nature. The Group behavior is classified into Capital or Revenue and more specifically into Assets, Liabilities, Income and Expenditure. The Groups ascertain whether the same will affect Profit and Loss Account which is revenue in nature or Balance Sheet which is capital in nature. </p><p> Tally provides us 23 automatic groups for ledger creation but provides only 2 ledger account and its names are cash are profit and loss account . Group is head category or it is base of ledger creation . We can simply take an example from you day to day field . Suppose you have taken commerce subject and it can also divide into management theory , accounts , business maths and economics . So , Main group is commerce and all other are called ledger accounts but under this commerce group . Same will apply in accounting in tally , We can create several groups under single ledger . If we have changed group from one category to another , all ledger will automatically change by this . So be serious for making any change in group . </p></li><li><p>Creating Inventory Master </p><p>Step1: Gateway of Tally&gt;Inventory Info.&gt;Stock Group/Stock Item/ Unit of Measures </p></li><li><p>Stock Items are classified into stock groups to reflect their classification based on some community. </p><p>To create a Stock Group, </p><p>Go to Gateway of Tally &gt; Inventory Info. &gt; Stock Groups &gt; Create </p></li><li><p>Stock Item refers to goods that you manufacture or trade. It is the primary inventory entity and is the lowest level of information on your inventory. You have to create a Stock Item in Tally.ERP 9 for each inventory item that you want to account for. Go to Gateway of Tally &gt; Inventory Info. &gt; Stock Items </p></li><li><p>Units of Measurement Stock Items are purchased or sold on the basis of quantity. The quantity is measured by Units. </p><p>Hence, it is necessary to create Units of Measure. You can have simple units such as numbers, </p><p>meters, kilograms, and pieces or compound units like box of 10 pieces [1box =10 pieces] </p><p>Go to Gateway of Tally &gt; Inventory Info. &gt; Units of Measure </p><p>EX:To Create Compound unit Doz (Dozen) of 12 Nos (Nu </p><p>mbers), you have to create two simple units, Doz </p><p>(Dozen) and Nos (Numbers) and set the conversion </p><p>factor as 12. </p></li><li><p>IMPORTING DATA Import of data from one company to another </p><p>created within tally happens seamlessly. </p></li><li><p>Configuration:F12 </p><p>General configuration </p><p>Accts/Inventory Info. </p><p> Configuration </p></li><li><p>Voucher Entry </p><p>Configuration Payroll Configuration </p><p>Data Configuration </p></li><li><p>Step1: Gateway of Tally &gt;Accounting voucher &gt; Payment/Contra/Receipt/Sales/ </p><p> Purchase/Journal Voucher. </p></li><li><p>(F5) </p></li><li><p>Journal voucher is used to prepared when non cash transactions is taking </p><p>place . E.g. Bank interest payment, outstanding expenses. </p></li><li><p>) </p></li><li><p> ( F1) </p><p> ( F2) </p><p> ( F3) </p></li><li><p>Configuration of Accounting Features after press F1 </p></li><li><p>Configuration of Accounting Features after press F2 </p></li><li><p>Configuration of Statutory &amp; Taxations after press F3 </p></li><li><p>TRIAL BALANCE </p><p> A TRIAL BALANCE IS A SUMMARY OF ALL LEDGER BALANCES TO CHECK WHETHER THE FIGURES ARE CORRECT AND BALANCED.CONSIDERING THAT THE JOURNAL ENTRIES ARE ERROR FREE AND POSTED CORRECTLY TO THE GENERAL LEDGER, THE TOTAL OF ALL DEBIT BALANCE SHOULD EQUAL TO THE TOTAL OF ALL CREDIT BALANCE. </p><p> IN TALLY.ERP9 ,THE MATCHING OF THE TRIAL BALANCE IS A FOREGONE CONCLUSION SINCE ALL VOUCHER ENTRIES ARE IN DEBIT-CREDIT FORMAT AND MUST BALANCE AT THE ENTRY POINT. </p></li><li><p>TO VIEW THE TRIAL BALANCE GO TO GATEWAY OF TALLY &gt; DISPLAY &gt;TRIAL </p><p>BALANCE </p></li><li><p>TALLY.ERP SHOWS GROUP WISE TRIAL BALANCE.NEXT LEVEL DETAIL FOR A GROUP CAN BE EXPLODED BY PRESSING SHIFT + ENTER.DETAILS OF ALL GROUPS CAN ALSO BE OBTAINED THROUGH CONFIGURATION, EXCEPT FOR GROUP BEHAVING LIKE SUB-LEDGERS. SELECT F1 : DETAILED TO BREAK DOWN THE GROUPED INFORMATION OR SIMPLY DRILL DOWN A GROUP FOR FURTHER DETAIL. </p></li><li><p>Select F5: Led-wise To List All Ledgers And Their Closing Balances. The Screen Is Displayed As Shown </p></li><li><p>Select New Column To Bring Up The Closing Balance For Another Date. The Screen Is Displayed As Shown </p></li><li><p> Profit &amp; loss statement </p><p> Balance sheet </p><p> Cash flow statement </p><p> Fund flow statement </p><p> Ratio analysis </p><p> Others </p></li><li><p>Reports Generating: </p><p>(1) Profit &amp; Loss Statement </p></li><li><p>(2) Balance Sheet </p></li><li><p>(3) Cash Flow Statements </p><p>Gateway Of Tally&gt;Cash Flow </p></li><li><p>(4) Fund Flow Statement </p><p>Gateway of Tally&gt;Fund Flow </p></li><li><p>(5) Ratio Analysis </p><p>Gateway of Tally&gt;Ratio Analysis </p></li><li><p>(3) Stock Summary </p></li><li><p>(4) Day Book for 31.03.2010 </p><p>Gateway of Tally&gt;Display&gt;Day Books </p></li><li><p>(7) Sales Register </p><p>Gateway of Tally&gt;Display&gt;Accounts Book&gt;Sales Register </p></li><li><p>(8) Purchase Register </p><p>Gateway of Tally&gt;Display&gt;Accounts Book&gt;Purchase Register </p></li><li><p>(5) Ratio Analysis </p><p>Gateway of Tally&gt;Ratio Analysis </p></li><li><p>(3) Stock Summary </p></li><li><p>(4) Day Book for 31.03.2010 </p><p>Gateway of Tally&gt;Display&gt;Day Books </p></li><li><p>(7) Sales Register </p><p>Gateway of Tally&gt;Display&gt;Accounts Book&gt;Sales Register </p></li><li><p>(8) Purchase Register </p><p>Gateway of Tally&gt;Display&gt;Accounts Book&gt;Purchase Register </p></li></ul>


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