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  • 1. Roman HistoryBy: Amy Clifford, Travis Foster,and Cory Farrell

2. Cicero 3. His full name was MarcusTullius Cicero. 4. He was a Roman Philosopher, statesman,lawyer, and an Political theorist. 5. Cicero was murdered in 43BC and wasborn in 106BC 6. His names means Chickpea in latin, all hisancestors last names were Seans, andpeas. 7. Cicero married Telentia at the age of 27 in79BC. He divorced his wife in 51Bc. 8. In 46 BC, he married a young girl namesPuslilia but he divorced her quickly. 9. His favorite daughter, Tallia became ill inFebruary 45 BC and died in January afterhaving a son. 10. Cicero hoped his son Marcus would be aphilosopher like him but Marcus chose tobe in the military. 11. Hadrian 12. Hadrian was born on January 24th anddied July 10th. He died at the age of 62 13. Hadrians father died in 86AD, his fatherdied at the age of 10. 14. Hadrian married Vibia Sabina in 100AD.He spent most of his time with the military. 15. Hadrian became the ward of Trajan at theage of 10. Trajan die in 117AD, Hadrianthen became the empeor. 16. Once Hadrian became emperor andreturned most of the eastern lands thatTrajan had taken over 17. He believed that the empire was to big forits border to be guarded. 18. He also believed that it was important tostrengthen Rome and not take over toomuch. 19. Hadrians wall was built in Northern Britainto keep invaders out. He traveled fromGreece to Britain and Africa. 20. He had great affection for Greekarchitecture and built great public buildingthrough the empire. 21. Hannibal and TheCarthaginian Wars 22. At the age of 9, Hannibal joined his fatheron the Carthaginian expidition to conquerspain. 23. He was chief agent. The army choseHannibal for commander in chief, Twoyears after,he subjugated all spainbetween the tojo an iberus. 24. Romans declared war on 218 BC. Afterhis fathers death,he took commands ofthe army. 25. "I swear that so soon as age will permit...Iwill use fire and steel to arrest the destinyof rome" He said. 26. He had launched a mission in 218 BCwhich he had been sworn. Rome madeplans to invade Carthaginian Hannibalstarted one of the historys most daringmarch. 27. His 90,000 infantry, 12,000 cavalry andnear 40 elephants traveled with him allautumn. 28. When they reached the Alps, it was socold that the soldiers died of exposure andfell to the death. 29. Julius Caesar and Augustus 30. Augustus is also known as GaiusOctavius, He was born on September23rd, 63 BC 31. When Julius Caesar went to Spain to fightthe Pompeians,Augustus went with him 32. Julius Caesar died in 44 B.C. Juliusadopted Augustus as a son. 33. After Julius died, Augustus took over thedictatorship of Rome. 34. Then octavius (Augustus) became theemperor and was given the nameAugustus. 35. Augustus was the first Roman emperor,When he did in 14 AD, at the age of 77, hewas declared a roman god. 36. Julius adopted Augustus becauseAugustuss uncle had been murdered andAugustus was an adult when Juliusadopted him. 37. Romulus and Remus 38. Romulus and Remus were twin brotherswho were abandoned by their parents asbabies and were put into baskets and weset in the Tiber river. 39. They were discovered by a female wolfwho nursed them until there were found bya shepherd. 40. They found a city and they named it afterRomulus; Rome. 41. They found Rome in 753 B.C. They werea legend and they were gods of mars.Romulus did not die but dissappearead ina storm, But Remus got killed by hisbrother. 42. There parents were Rhea and Mars. Rhealoved Romulus and Remus but she onlyabandoned them and set them off forprotection. 43. Before they became King, they took careof sheep.


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