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  1. 1. Rock Garden Speaks A puppet theatre performance prepared in Summer Workshop in June, 2015 Staged by children of our LEARNING PALETTE project on social welfare supported by Bangiya Sanskritik Sammilanis at Banga Bhawan, Sector 35, Chandigarh
  2. 2. Sculptor : Sh Pradeep of City Beautiful
  3. 3. Final performance of Summer Workshop 2015
  4. 4. Final performance Rock Garden Speaks of Summer Workshop 2015
  5. 5. Making of Personality Puppet
  6. 6. Making of Personality Puppet
  7. 7. Making of Personality Puppet
  8. 8. Preparation of the stage-craft for the play
  9. 9. Our gratitude to Late Padmashree Nek Chand (The creator of ROCK CHAND) at
  10. 10. Our gratitude to Late Padmashree Nek Chand (The creator of ROCK GARDEN) Our sincere thanks to the sculptor Sh Pradeep Pal for making the PERSONALITY PUPPET of Late Padmashree Nek Chand (The creator of ROCK GARDEN)
  11. 11. We tried to recreate mini ROCK GARDEN Welcome to our Childrens Rock Garden at
  12. 12. Our sincere thanks to Dept. of Tourism, Chandigarh Administration All audiences of our performances & visitors who visited us at Chandigarh Carnival Our group members & patrons Our young puppeteers Bangiya Sanskritik Sammilani a socio-cultural organization for their whole hearted support
  13. 13. Please join us at learningpalette, Every Saturday, at 5 pm, at BANGA BHAWAN, Ph. No. 0172-2616832, Sector 35-C, Chandigarh Entry Free We are working on Theatre in Education/Personality Development We are working on Puppetry in Education/Awareness & Therapy