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  1. 1. Rhianna Inspired Model By Lucy Clarke
  2. 2. Explanation I chose Kayyah to model for my front cover and got a lot of inspiration from Rhianna. However, shall be using kayyahs name spelt a bit differently to create my own celebrity, I have done this throughout my media product with all my models. I thought It would be easier to take a role model In the music industry to follow off. In return, this made it easier to inspire a look and gave me something to base my model off so I knew what to do for styling and the look and characteristics of my model on the front cover. This developed my understanding of how to appeal to a certain target audience as I am of the age of my set target audience and view Rhianna as an inspiration. This helped me a lot and I will continues to use style inspirations throughout my music magazine.
  3. 3. Rhianna In Relation To My Target Audience I used Rhianna as she is a modern female artist who is of a mixed race, as she is originally form Barbados. Having a mixed race celebrity/role model, could potentially make my magazine appeal to more than one ethnic group. Meaning my magazine has a wider target audience gap. Rhianna is a well known and well liked celebrity who is known for her soulful, upbeat and modern music. She is also seen as a style icon to teenagers and early adulthood. This fits into my target audience which is why I will use her look as inspiration to base my model from. Rhianna is fun and loving with a mysterious edge I like this look and think it will be a good inspiration that I can base my main image around. Also I have researched pop/chart music magazines an Rhianna was seen on a lot of the front covers.
  4. 4. Kayyah in relation to Rhianna I will use Rhianna as inspiration for my model Kayyah. As said, I have chosen Kayyah as she is mixed race like Rhianna to appeal to a wider target audience. I can also adapt Rhiannas look into my photo shoot with Kayyah to make it look professional and so I can have something to work off. I see a lot of Rhianna in Kayyah as she is young and attractive as well as having fun and loving characteristics. As well as Kayyah being very down to earth and modern and up to date in modern day trends. Kayyah is also very fun and playful which can be noticed and portrayed within the photo shoot, again this would be very appealing to my target audience as I dont want them to confuse the main image for something they would see in a fashion magazine photo shoot.
  5. 5. Some photos of Rhianna That Inspire Me