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Resilient Businesses Summit 11/13/10

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Text of Resilient Businesses Summit 11/13/10

  • 1.Resilient Businesses Summit
    Sponsored by
    TnRGlobal & Hidden Tech
    Thrives Publishing

2. Welcome
Hidden Tech
Economic impact in Western Mass
Community Economies
Groundbreaking work by Julie Graham
Missing Answers
What do we need?
Resilient Businesses concept
Tools for collaborating: talk.RB & other social media
3. Agenda
9:45 10:00Settle in with coffee by Deans Beans
10:00 10:10 Welcome by Rich Roth
10:10 10:30Introduction by Karen Ribeiro
10:30 11:005 minute partner discussion: my experience of resilience
10 minute table recap
10 minute group recap
12:00 12:30Recap of 1st roundtable session
12:30 1:15LUNCH
2:30 3:00Recap of 2nd roundtable session
3:00 4:00Networking and small group breakouts
4. Facilitators
Dealing with People
Session 1 Ingrid Bredenberg
remaining flexible (even supple!) when working with friends and family
Session 2 Kirsten Bonanza
finding and holding onto the pulse of your many stakeholders
5. Facilitators
Driving the Collaborative Economy
Session 1 Dan Finn
fostering collaborations among peers and competitors to sustain and grow revenues
Session 2 Prakash Laufer
reinventing yourself when markets change; embracing trends in this economic era
6. Facilitators
Creating and Spending Money
Session 1 William Spademan
Create It! a "money
multiplier game on
creating money locally
Session 2 Rick Feldman
once you get the capital, what do you do with it?
7. Facilitators
Alternative Funding
Session 1 Tim Cohen-Mitchell
bootstrapping your organization when cash is scarce; growth with non-traditional capital
Session 2 Terry Mollner
planning for and attracting investment opportunities
8. Facilitators
Sustainability and Resilience
Session 1 Jan Morgan
making the case for resilience as a strategic focus
Session 2 Catherine Ratte
local politics: what works and what could be better
9. Facilitators
Essentials of Equity and Debt
Session 1 Mary Hoyer
getting and using equity versus debt; balancing the two
Session 2 John Waite
taking on debt; how much do you really need?
10. Resiliency Story
Karens Resilience Story
The regions conscience
Most resilient person Ive ever met
Resilience Partner Discussion
Share your resilience story
To create resilience you need more feedback loops between a community and all government levels
-- Toshiro Kida, student activist
11. Recapping & Tweeting
What are our needs?
Understanding oneself
Expressing fears
Having set core values North Star
Being persistent
Finding resourceful people
Staying present
Being creative
Establishing boundaries
What is good enough indiv./collect.
Yielding to higher road inner wisdom / intuition
Sustaining a Vision
Systems thinking holistic understanding
Supporting others egos
Allowing diversity and collaboration tap all skill sets equally
Rest take naps / meditate
Remaining open to learning
Taking risks thinking outside of the boss!! And box
Willingness to adapt self or system
Agility / flexibility playful rejuvenation
Being curious
Challenging current understanding/assumptions
Never forget beginners mind Lance Armstrong
Using pain positively
Have a hero to aspire to continuous learning
Assertive in the face of resistance
12. Recapping Roundtable One
What are our obstacles?
Imbalance in net worth
Lots of under utilized real estate
High property taxes
How to motivate beyond self interest?
How do we share assets/resources to maximize benefit for the community?
Lack of trust/community bonding Im out for myself vs. shared tools, food, ideas
Inability to express self authentically/honesty
Settlement patterns (suburbs)
Assembling equity; collateral
Presenting coherent plans to lenders & stakeholders really think out concept 1st
What are our ideas?
United Way for Business
Helping local banks to work together EX-Sonoma Cty cooperation among local banks (600MM more local $ to invest)
Judy Wicks story creating the community
Transition to new ways of collaboration community centers, shared meals
Time banks
Tapping all ownership & investment options (family & friends (debt +/or equity) $, govt grants, credit, home eq., cooperative shares, PRI, cust. loans) and collateral (CD, gold/stocks, RE, contracts)
13. Recapping Roundtable One
What are our obstacles?
Defining and understanding resiliency
People do not see/listen to market signals
People choose not to change especially if it isnt institutionalized (or modeled) or learn from past mistakes
Surprise regulatory shocks
Contract changes
What are our ideas?
Collaborating with partners/joint ventures and shared revenues; trust relationships
True value of mutuality especially listening
Play nice all situations are a win win and have respectful language
Have support groups (in person or virtual water cooler)
Diversify income stream
Reinvention back to basics; team planning
14. Recapping Roundtable Two
What are our obstacles?
PL/KB responding to current needs for reinventing ourselves/businesses
Need Gross National Happiness
How can we create various clans within a larger tribal system in the Pioneer Valley that accurately represent our various stories
How can we maximize regional equity for the benefit of startups and other community, small biz needs?
What are our ideas?
Elevation not emulation
Look out for #2 not #1 all in this together
No one left behind
Improve theater Yes AND
Community based discussion charettes?
Entrepreneurship in the context of serving our community happiness needs,quality of life
Establishing a NORM of communication that starts from the way we welcome people
Winning people over. No one cares what you know until they know that you care
Be open/understanding/absorbant/compass.
Go further upstream than what is obvious
PAPOS people are part of solution
Stakeholder: inclusive of families of people who work for you, interconnected communities
15. Recapping Roundtable Two
What are our obstacles?
Sustaining momentum with todays conversation widening the circle of influence extending to diverse communities with diverse voices/interests
What are our ideas?
Work in constellation in the community to freely move in and around the community but remain in one tribe.
Threshold Fnd. For the valley (high net worth)
SVN for the valley
Choose leaders from key organizations to bring together to create the tribal code
Enhance Hidden Tech community using tags to create collaborative matches
Engage the PVPC and EDC and MSBDC and ACCGS creatively
Meetup around the BALLE leakage calculator
Meetup around regional resiliency storytelling
Share email addresses
Keep talking about resiliency Dont eat lunch alone, other meetups, blogging
Meet soon Nacul Center, etc.