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Relativistic mechanics

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1. 2/15/2015 In Partial Fulfillment for the Requirements in Physics 2 (School Year 2014-2015) 1 Relativistic Mechanics Prepared by: Laza, Pamana 2. 2/15/2015 [Project Name] Relativistic Mass & Energy 2 3. 2/15/2015 [Project Name] Relativistic Mass & EnergyAs it turns out, while length decreases between two points at high speeds, the mass3 4. 2/15/2015 [Project Name] Relativistic Mass & EnergyHowever, Einstein did mention that "it is not good to introduce the concept of the4 5. 2/15/2015 [Project Name] Relativistic Mass & EnergyTraditionally, we think that kinetic energy is the product of the mass and the square of5 6. 2/15/2015 [Project Name] Relativistic Mass & EnergyEinstein found that kinetic energy was the product of the mass, the speed of light squared, and 6 7. 2/15/2015 [Project Name] Relativistic Mass & Energy 7 8. 2/15/2015 [Project Name] Relativistic Mass & Energy TAKE NOTE THAT 8 9. 2/15/2015 [Project Name] Relativistic Mass & Energy1. When the velocity is small compared to the speed of light, this equation will reduce down to the 9 10. 2/15/2015 [Project Name] Relativistic Mass & Energy2. The amount of kinetic energy required to bring the velocity closer to the speed of10 11. 2/15/2015 [Project Name] Relativistic Mass & Energy3. If the velocity were equal to c, the equation would fall apart because there11 12. 2/15/2015 [Project Name] Relativistic Mass & EnergyTherefore, we can conclude that it is not possible to travel up to or beyond the speed12 13. 2/15/2015 [Project Name] Relativistic Momentum 13 14. 2/15/2015 [Project Name] Relativistic MomentumA direct consequence of the Special Theory of Relativity is that the speed14 15. 2/15/2015 [Project Name] Relativistic MomentumOne would reasonably conclude, then, that there is an absolute limit on the momentum15 16. 2/15/2015 [Project Name] Relativistic MomentumAccording to Einstein, the momentum of an object is given by: 16 17. 2/15/2015 [Project Name] Relativistic Momentum 17 18. 2/15/2015 [Project Name] Relativistic MomentumEven at supersonic speed, a person's classical momentum and relativistic momentum does not differ by as much 18 19. 2/15/2015 [Project Name] Relativistic Force Law 19 20. 2/15/2015 [Project Name] Relativistic Force LawNewton's second law states that the total force acting on a particle equals the rate of20 21. 2/15/2015 [Project Name] Relativistic Force LawThe same form of Newton's second law holds in relativistic mechanics. 21 22. 2/15/2015 [Project Name] Relativistic Force LawIt will be seen that Newton's second law in terms of acceleration is given by: 22 23. 2/15/2015 [Project Name] Relativistic Force Law 23 24. 2/15/2015 [Project Name] Dynamics of a Single Particle 24 25. 2/15/2015 [Project Name] Dynamics of a Single ParticleThe way that the velocity of a particle can differ between observers who are moving relative to each other means that momentum needs25 26. 2/15/2015 [Project Name] Dynamics of a Single Particle 26 27. 2/15/2015 [Project Name] Dynamics of a Single ParticleIf momentum is redefined then all the variables such as force (rate of change of momentum), energy etc. will become redefined and27 28. 2/15/2015 [Project Name] Dynamics of a Single ParticleThe new physics has an effect at the ordinary level of experience through the relation 28 29. 2/15/2015 [Project Name] Dynamics of a Single Particlewhereby it is the tiny deviations in gamma from unity that are expressed as29 30. 2/15/2015 [Project Name] Dynamics of a Single Particlerelated to "relativistic" reasoning rather than Newton's empirical ideas. 30 31. 2/15/2015 [Project Name] Some Experimental Results 31 32. 2/15/2015 [Project Name] Experimental Results Three Experiments Challenging Einstein's Relativistic Mechanics and 32 33. 2/15/2015 [Project Name] Experimental Results Resuts prove that the traditional electromagnetic acceleration theory and33 34. 2/15/2015 [Project Name] Experimental Results Electromagnetic acceleration cannot push a charged particle to V c . 34 35. 2/15/2015 [Project Name] Experimental Results Einstein's relativistic mechanics cannot explain the results from all the three35 36. 2/15/2015 [Project Name] Experimental Results The Lorentzian deflecting force, which stems from the interaction between a static36 37. 2/15/2015 [Project Name] Experimental Results field, depends upon the speed of the moving electron. 37 38. 2/15/2015 [Project Name] Experimental Results For further information about the experiment's results, feel free to download38 39. 2/15/2015 [Project Name] Equivalence of Mass and Energy 39 40. 2/15/2015 [Project Name] Equivalence of Mass & EnergyIn his theory of special relativity Einstein formulated the equation E=mc^2.40 41. 2/15/2015 [Project Name] Equivalence of Mass & EnergyA 20g marble contains as much energy as a 500 kiloton hydrogen bomb, but this energy is very41 42. 2/15/2015 [Project Name] Equivalence of Mass & EnergyIt can be released through matter- antimatter annihilation, when matter and42 43. 2/15/2015 [Project Name] Equivalence of Mass & EnergyNuclear reactions can be understood to release so much more energy than chemical 43 44. 2/15/2015 [Project Name] Relativity and Electromagnetis m 44 45. 2/15/2015 [Project Name] Electromagnetis m "If I am moving at a large velocity along a light wave, what propagation velocity should45 46. 2/15/2015 [Project Name] Electromagnetis m This was a question young Einstein asked himself and in 1905, he published a46 47. 2/15/2015 [Project Name] Electromagnetis m how to transform coordinates, velocity and electromagnetic fields between two inertial47 48. 2/15/2015 [Project Name] Electromagnetis m 1. All physical laws remain intact in any inertial frames, and 2. The light velocity c is48