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  • 1. Transitioning to Regional Geography Social Studies 9 Mr. Schofield Thursday, April 10th, 2014

2. Todays pathway Check-in & attendance Quiz Review Quiz on Industrial Revolution Current Events Assignment Presentation on Physical Environment Climate Change Reading Activity Exit Slip: Critical Thinking Chart Closing: Check for understanding Next Class: What is Geography? 3. Current Events Assignment Instructions Please sign-up for a date when you will share a current event with the class. You are required to present a current news article (story) to the class. You are each expected to speak for approximately 1-3 minutes. You may refer to a current event from any news source (newspaper, online, television, radio, etc.) Evaluation A peer in the class will evaluate you based on the following criteria: Presents the current event clearly and concisely. Highlights 2 facts from the article. Expresses an opinion about the issue. You will receive a grade out of 15 marks for this assignment. You MUST present on the date that you sign-up for. 4. Global Climate Change Reading Activity Find a partner and select two articles Read one article each Each two students complete one chart Hand in as exit slip for marks Raise hand if any questions 5. Closing Do you have any questions? Next Class: We will delve into Regional Geography of North America Remember to sign-up for the current events assignment first presenters on Tuesday!