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  • 1. Dacus Library The Collections Management Tour LIS 615 Collection ManagementHead of Technical Services Interview Ms. Gloria Kelley, Dacus Library Winthrop University, SC Reese Manceaux Melinda Livas Beth Scarborough


  • Established in 1886 as a Womens College with the mission to educate SC Teachers.
  • Turned Coed in the late 1970s.
  • 6,500 students currently enrolled.
  • Offers Humanities Programs.
  • Winthrop is accredited by the Commission on Colleges of the Southern Association of Colleges.

Facts About Winthrop University

  • The 100-acre central campus, complemented by a 325-acreathletics and recreational area, including a lake and coliseum, provides an ideal collegiate setting. Winthrop's location in Rock Hill, South Carolina, offers the friendly atmosphere of a college town with attractions such as professional sports and entertainment
  • only 20 minutes away in Charlotte, North Carolina.Winthrop's beautiful, tree-lined campus is included on the
  • National Register of Historic Places.
    • Watch video tour(s)

3. Winthrop Campus (Library is #33 on map)

  • Google Earth location finder

4. Facts about Dacus Library As Winthrop outgrew the old Carnegie Library, housed for more than 60 years in what is now Rutledge Building, plans developed for a library that could meet the Winthrop's expanding needs. The new facility was completed in 1969 and named for the school's first librarian, Ida Jane Dacus, who was also the first South Carolinian to receive professional training in library studies. Original papers relating to Winthrop's history and South Carolina history are housed in the archives and special collections department. For years Rutledge was known as Carnegie Library, named for industrialist and philanthropist Andrew Carnegie who provided funds for its construction. It was renovated into a classroom building when Dacus Library was constructed in 1969. That same year, the building was renamed in honor of Mai Rutledge Smith Johnson, wife of founding president David Bancroft Johnson and descendant of South Carolina's first governor, Edward Rutledge, who signed the Declaration of Independence. A 1990 renovation recaptured the splendor of the building's Classical Revival style, which incorporates features of French Imperial design. Rutledge Old Carnegie Library Current Dacus Library Ida Jane Dacus - 1915 5.

  • Yet another addition to the new heart of campus will be a new Library that is destined to become yet another signature building for the main campus, reflecting the true relationship of a university library to the learning community it serves. The $45 million facility will include both traditional contemporary collections and historic archives, as well as coordinating access to a global array of up-to-the-minute on-line information resources. The timeframe for construction is dependent upon capital investment support from the State of South Carolina.( Winthrop webpage )
  • The faculty members and collections of the Dacus Library are an integral part of the University's instructional program. The Dacus Online Catalog system provides easy access to the library's collections. The library's holdings total more than 580,000 volumes and volume-equivalents, which are supplemented by resources available through the national interlibrary loan program .

Future site of new library New Winthrop Library Facilities 6.

  • Currently Dean of Library Services at Central Piedmont Community College (all branches) was in the process of packing to move to this new job when we interviewed her on 10/24/08.
  • Employee in Dacus Library for 30+ years.

Ms. Gloria Kelley Head of Technical Services Technical Services Cubicles 7. Mr. Mark Youngblood Herring Dean of Libraries

  • He has worked in librarianship for more than two decades. He has written numerous books, articles, and scores of reviews for magazines and journals both in and out of the library profession, including 2 books in the Historical Guide to Controversial Issues in America series:The Pro-Life/Choice Debate, Genetic Engineering(Greenwood, 2003).
  • (Library Journal 11/1/08) Save Our Databases a plea to show the value of the PASCAL databases shared by 58 academic institutions (300,000 students) in South Carolina
  • Regular columnist for Against the Grain library-related journal. Column:Little Red Herrings .
  • Latest Book:Fools Gold Why the Internet Is No Substitute for a Library .

2 0 0 5 8. Library Liaisons/Acquisitions

  • BOOKS:Library liaisons for every subject area. Use Blackwell (non-approval plan) to automatically send emails to liaisons. Then liaisons choose material they want and send orders to Technical Services Dept.
  • SERIALS:Generally, material acquired in one form (e.g. microfiche, electronic) will not be duplicated in another form (e.g., hard copy).The primary exception to this general rule is those serial subscriptions which are purchased in hard copy or for the current shelves and in microform or electronic format for retrospective holdings. ( Winthrop Collection Management Policy)
    • DISCUS ( D igitalI nformation forS outhC arolinaUs ers). Used by mainly non-academic libraries.
    • PASCAL ( P artnershipA mongS outhCa rolinaL ibraries). Used by the 58 academic institutions in SC. Already, PASCAL has eliminated several science and law databases, and in January, will be forced to cancel subscriptions to Science Online, Nature and most of their recently acquired nursing resources. In July 2009, they will need to make even deeper cuts if funding is not restored. (NCLIVE Equivalent)

9. Collection Management Policy

  • Collections Technology Committee:Head of Tech Services (Collection Management Officer); Associate Dean of Library Services; Head of Public Services; Department Heads of Monographs Acquistions and Serials; two representatives from other areas elected by Faculty Assembly to serve three-year term. Chair is collection management officer.
  • Committee functions:Guide collection evaluation and development activities.Provide academic departments with information for accrediting agencies and surveys.Revise collection management policy.
  • General Institutional Objectives:
  • Clientele to be served
  • General subject boundaries of collection
  • Users needs supported
  • General Priorities and Limitations Governing Selection:
  • Degree of continuing support for strong collections
  • Physical forms of material collected or excluded
  • Languages, geographical areas collected or excluded
  • Collection Levels
  • Research level
  • Study level
  • Basic level
  • Minimal level
  • Other

10. Fiscal Management

  • Dacus Library purchased databases that accommodate most of their subject areas.
  • Business school buys some of its own materials.
  • Have 35 databases with 23,000 titles.
  • Use PASCAL(similar to NC Live for colleges). SC legislature eliminating PASCAL from budget ($2 million).
  • Member of the Carolina Consortium.
  • New faculty members request new databases.
  • Head of Audio Visual and Monographs handles orders based upon departmental wants. 75% of budget on periodicals; 25 % monographs.
  • The Acquisition Librarian normally negotiates with the vendors and the University Librarian signs the contracts.


  • Dacus Library spent approximately $664,000 on databases last year.
  • Spent $1 million on materials last year. Went over budget by $50,000.
  • Saw a 13% inflation rate for periodicals.
  • Already spent 60% of this years budget with 8 months left in the year.
  • Library receives some grant funding.
  • Friends of the Library provide $5- $6,000 per year.
  • Has a donation policy. Does not establish value of donations.

FiscalManagement 12. Intellectual Freedom

  • No public access to library (decision made by president based on community misuse and Virginia Tech tragedy. Library staff did not want to put in filters.)
  • Not ruled by library board.
  • No security in library.
  • Students cannot pay fines in library.
  • All complaints about intellectual freedom go to Dean who makes decision.
  • 1998 animal rights controversy

13. Legal

  • Formerly had lawyer on site; now use university attorney.
  • Have insurance which allows them to replace most of their collection if natural disaster.
  • Roof replaced this summer.

14. Collection Assessment

  • Assessment is driven by accreditation. (Focus on providing materials to meet faculty members teaching needs.)
  • Dont compare their holdings with PEER Institutions unless requested.

Dacus Library-General Collections 15. OPAC Online Catalog Server (Innovative System) and Network 16. Louise Pettus Archives

  • The Winthrop University Archives collects and preser