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CREATING A TEXT AND IMAGE BASED LEARNING OBJECTEDUC 7343C Creating Digital MediaJeanna R. WagnerStudent ID #A00359401Dr. John MuehlDecember 27, 2015

Creating a Vocabulary List Using Read&Write For Google:Your Guide For Assisting Students

Objectives:Assist teachers and instructional assistants who are working with students using Read&Write for GoogleDemonstrate the steps necessary to create a vocabulary list using Read&Write for GoogleBreak down the output created by using the vocabulary list feature of Read&Write for Google

Why Create a Vocabulary List?Research on the acquisition of new word meanings reveals that problems in learning word meanings are closely linked to reading comprehension skills (Nitzkin, 2014, p. 27)

Helping students gain familiarity with novel vocabulary assists in later reading comprehension (Mitchell, 2013, 202)

Pull down the Read&Write for Google toolbar by clicking the puzzle piece found on the address bar. Now you have all of the Read&Write tools at your disposal!Creating a Vocabulary List Find your Read&Write for Google Toolbar

Students select words that they wish to explore furtherChoose highlighter on R&W toolbarSelected words will now be shaded with highlighted color

Creating a Vocabulary List Select vocabulary words, then choose a highlighter

Creating the vocabulary listChoose vocabulary buttonGoogle Docs works in the backgroundThe vocabulary list is created on a new document in a new tabCreating a Vocabulary List Use the vocabulary button to generate vocabulary list Vocabulary button

Creating a Vocabulary List Navigate to your newly created vocabulary list Your vocabulary list is created in a new tab, directly to the right of your current tab.The vocabulary list is also now a separate Google Doc in the Google Drive

Peruse the Vocabulary List Components of the completed vocabulary listWord vocabulary word highlighted by studentMeaning definition of highlighted wordSymbol picture definition of highlighted word

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