Reading Strategies with Kids of all Ages

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There is so much that one can do when it comes to reading. reading can be such a fun activity. This presentation was created to help give parents some ideas of how they can present reading to their kids. Reading is much more than just reading the word!

Text of Reading Strategies with Kids of all Ages

  • 1. presentation by Annabel Desira Parental Empowerment Programmes Co-ordinator at Foundation for Educational Services March 2013

2. Why do we read? to gather information as a source of knowledge as a means of entertainment as a means of communication 3. Instilling the love for reading ... input of reading material in every room introduce different reading genres role-model reading reading as family bonding quality time assign a reading corner 4. How to choose an adequate book? If you are in a book shop / library, it is quite normalthat children are attracted to books for the wrong reasons so do a simple hand check. Ask the child to open the book on a random page. Ask him/her to start reading. Take note of mispronounced words. 5. Lets try Popcorn Reading Activity Ziti Mandy marret ita Ma Dun Bert il-kappillan, Waslu Ruma l-add filgodu Fis-sagtejn kienu Milan. Sebu t-Tnejn ol-belt ta Vjenna, Ida xejn ma tilfu in, Sa fl-gaxija kienu Munich, Stutgart, Frankfurt u Berlin! Wiha vampa z-zija Mandy Tiri w tagqad daqs ugraga, Klikk - klikk- klikk - ritratt war ieor Sabet ruha o nofs Praga. U t-trejn sejjer -- dejjem sejjer... Dritt lejn Warsaw nivvjaaw! a rajnieh! Tlaqnieh warajna! W issa bidna lejn Krakaw!adu l-breakfast l-Ungerija, FMoska kielu ikla bnina, Min-North Pole xtraw semi-freddo U fl-gaxija raqdu -ina. Dak il-miel, iz-zija qalet, Biex tarah trid sebgajnejn! (Galkemm qattget din il-ita Nofs fil-kow u nofs fit-trejn!) U iet lur garqana xraba, U bnifisha daqsxejn fgat; Ida qalet li fdil-ita Kwai d-dinja kollha rat! U galhekk, gas-sena d-diela a ppjanat, iz-zija Mandy Illi s-sajf tmur tqattgu kollu Gall-mistrie o flat ix-Xlendi. ta Trevor Zahra 6. Other Reading Tips ... reading Rulers reading Codes reading Power Cards reference Books 7. more Reading Tips ... reading timer ample choice of books ample light and comfortable reading zone understanding the importance of reading reading records and/or star chart 8. The Story Bag ... How to create it? ( in a bag or box) The contents: the childs favourite book (eg. Fiction book about a frog) a non-fiction book about frogs related puppets with the story a related literacy and/or numeracy game a narration of the story other related activities 9. Related Questioning Techniques ... Fact Related questions aid comprehension. How many pigs were there in the story? Why was the wolf running after Red Riding Hood? Imaginative questions : If you were instead of Pinocchio, would you have lied? Why? If you were instead of Cinderella, would you have gone to the ball? Why? Anticipation & Prediction: Stop the story at intervals and ask the child to think of ways of how the story might develop. There are no wrong or right answers at this stage. This is simply an exercise in imagination. 10. Paired Reading 11. Shared Reading 12. For more information, please contact me on 0r phone 2258 6815 leave a message and I will get back to you!


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