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Walking Life

SIEGESam Carpenter

Summary & GenreThe radio drama is an original creation, focusing on a military operation in Afghanistan.The general story summary is as follows: A military convoy is ambushed on patrol and taken captive. As a rescue mission and news report takes place, they too get captured. Episode 1 ends with bullets flying towards a news reporter.The genre of the radio drama will be Mockumentary/Drama, using fictional news reports in a real-life format to make it seem real.

Target audience The primary audience for my radio drama is malesaged between 17 and 25, in socio-economic grouping D and E.These are people who are probably still in education or a part-time job, and have interest in military and action storylines in various media forms like films, TV shows or video games.

Character Profiles Narrator - The Narrator is the person who takes us through all of the official stories, and links the news reports together to make the storycohesive.Sgt. Wallcroft - Sgt Wallcroft is an SAS survivor of the siege, and gives his point of view of what happened that day through an interview with the narrator.News Anchors 1, 2 and 3 - These people give us exposition dialogue, and tell us exactly what is happening and what the world knew at the time. They make up the majority of the dialogue.

Character Profiles (cont.)John Ramirez - This brave reporter is standing where the previous men were ambushed and captured, and whilst giving a news report, is ambushed and captured himself along with another group of soldiers (SAS).The captured soldiers - These men were on a routine patrol when their convoy was ambushed and overrun by terrorists in Helmand Province in Afghanistan.

CastingRadio is much cheaper to produce and quicker to make than audiovisual productions like TV shows, so it is more viable and realistic to go for larger actors for my production, and they will also be more inclined to accept since it is an official BBC production. Here is my following possible cast list:Narrator: Patrick StewartSgt. Wallcroft:Craig FairbrassNewsreaders: (Real BBC News anchors)Bill Turnbull,Fiona Bruce,Charlie StaytJohn Ramirez: Daniel RadcliffeThe captured soldiers: Extras

Schedule information This radio drama will be an episodic story taking place over three 40-minute evening broadcasts. It is a 'mockumentary', and will be broadcast on Radio 4 Extra on a Friday Evening (7pm) 3 weeks in a row. It will also be available on-demand on BBC iPlayer, and digital download (iTunes, Google Play)

Release DateThe release date for this radio drama will be September 9th 2016. This means that people have just finished their last work day of the week having just returned after summer, and spend their Fridaynight listening to the radio show in the background.


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