Quality online learning environments

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Qualities of Online Learning Environments

We participate, therefore we are.

Quality Online Learning EnvironmentsSocial LearningOur understanding of content is socially constructedThrough conversations and interactionsFocus is more on how we learn rather than what we learnStudents are:More engagedBetter prepared for class


Encourage interaction beyond my groupThe more people we interact with the broader our understandingUse multiple forms of interactionStay focusedProvide space for off-topic discussionsTeacher sets the stage and acts a the leader

Show enthusiasm for topic and getting involvedFacilitate and moderate conversationsKeep conversation flowingClarify issues and problemsResolve any conflictsLink users to the contentEstablish trust among studentsReliability, respect, and encouragement


Encourage relationships among studentsInitiate contact and link commentsEncourage quiet students participateEncourage backchannels and one-on-one communication for encouragement, advisement, and cautionGroup work is very important When one learns, we all learn.FacilitatorContentProvide multiple resources in multiple formatsKeep the content short and focusedThis is a visual format, take advantage

Online environment as an extension of a student-centered learning environmentStudent-led discussions allow students for more deeply consider their learningStudent-generated content provides student ownership of their learning

Increased Student Responsibility