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  • 1. Slasher FilmsBy Sophie

2. Final DestinationI know what you did lastsummerChilds PlayThe FunhouseMy Bloody ValentineProm NightFriday The Thirteen(Reboot)The Hills Have EyesNightmare On Elm StreetHalloweenScreamHannibal RisingFright NightSilent Night, Deadly Night 3. Advantages Vs DisadvantagesAdvantages for having a trailer as an 18 Disadvantages for having a trailer as an 18 The trailer can display more explicit Younger viewers are unable to watch shots due to an older audience.your trailer, resulting in illegal The trailer can be more controversial downloads, therefore losing you money. resulting in more interest, more Less marketing as there is a smaller publicity. audience. Daily Mail and Telegraph are likely to condemn the film, branding it vulgar and disgusting this results in more publicity. Barely any restrictions.Advantages for having a trailer as a 15Disadvantages for having a trailer as a 15 The trailer will get a wider The trailer can display more explicit demographic due to the certificate shots due to an older audience. being low, this would result in more viewers of the trailer, getting more revenue for the trailer. 4. BudgetFriday the 13th 1980Scream - 1996BudgetBudget$550,000 (estimated)$15,000,000 (estimated)Opening Weekend Opening Weekend$5,816,321 (USA) (11 May 1980) (1 Screen) $6,354,586 (USA) (22 December 1996) (1,413 Screens)Gross Gross$39,754,601 (USA) $103,001,286 (USA) (20 July 1997)Halloween - 1978 Nightmare on Elm Street - 1984Budget Budget$320,000 (estimated) $1,800,000 (estimated)GrossOpening Weekend$47,000,000 (USA)$1,271,000 (USA) (11 November 1984) (165 Screens)COMPARED TO: GrossAvatar - 2009$10,777,659 (USA) (27 January 1985)Budget$237,000,000 (estimated)Opening Weekend$77,025,481 (USA) (20 December 2009) (3,452 Screens)Gross$760,507,625 (USA) (18 November 2010) 5. The Blair Witch Project Even though The Blair Witch Project isnt thought of as a Slasher film it is a horror film that did incredibly well on an extremely low budget (estimated $60,000).Budget:$60,000Opening Weekend:$29,207,381 (USA) (1 August 1999) (1,101 Screens)Gross:$140,530,114 (USA) (7 November 1999) 6. How old are you? 16 18 25+ 13-15 19-24 0-12 Most of the people who took my survey were aged between 16 and 18. This is more of a reflection on how old the people are on my Facebook as that is where I published my survey. 7. Male or female? Male More males took my survey than females. 8. How often do you go to the cinema?This graph suggests that most participants go to the cinema once a month, closely followed by once everyother month. 9. Which would you most likely go to see out of these films?Most of theparticipantsstated that their favouritefilm wasTexas Chainsaw Massacre, closelyfollowed by TheHangover. 10. Have you ever watched a film online?Theses results suggest that the audience are moving with the time and are starting to watchfilms online this loses the film money. 11. How often do you buy films? This graph suggests that the participants rarely buy films. 12. In what format do you like watching films? The majority of the participants prefer watching films in HD. 13. Have you ever brought merchandise from afilm? 14. What certificate do you prefer to watch a filmat? Most of the participantsare underthe age of 18, so this makes it very interestingthat most ofthe audience prefer towatch an 18. 15. What days do you normally go to the cinema? Mostpeople said that they would go to the cinema on a Wednesday due to Orange Wednesdays, and they also tend to go on a Saturday afternoon. 16. Criticisms How often do you buy films whats the differencebetween sometimes and occasionally? Some could say that normal is HD for them. I shouldnt have included DVDs as an option involvingmerchandise. DVDs are often brought anyway, otherthings such as posters and soundtracks are deemed morelike merchandise. 17. Audience Profile