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The QTP is an awesome automation tester because of its new aspects and a great promise to future generation.


  • 1. QTP Online TrainingBySVRTechnologieshttp://svrtechnologies.com/contactus.htmlTelephone (India) : +91 891 259 2027Telephone (USA) : +1 210 390 4819Mobile : +91 988 502 2027

2. QTP Online TrainingThe QTP is an awesome automation tester because of its new aspects and agreat promise to future generation. A manual tester, or a part of theautomation team will desperately look forward to grow with some newfeatures in Testing tools, where there are few in locality of testing, QTP is theanswer to all the worries. QTP uses Visual Basic script as its preferred languagefor scripting. QTP exclusively runs on a Windows environment and it supportsJava.Net, Oracle, SAP, Web Services, Siebel, and some more of the majorlanguages.QTP Online Training is a good choice to start with, if you are really looking forthat promotion and appraisals very near with QTP and there is no need of newtechnology to learn. Suitably, QTP Online Training is much more than merely anew technology that is helping out in your appraisals. Once I start explain withsome of the aspects, there will be a clear understanding why I mentioned thatand would possibly just gives a better reason to go for QTP online training.91-9885022027 (INDIA) || 001-2103904819 (USA) 3. QTP Online Training91-9885022027 (INDIA) || 001-2103904819 (USA) 4. QTP Online TrainingSVR Technologies is one of the leading training organizations/institutions that meet the complete IT requirements for anonline training. Online training services of specialized &experienced faculties helps to deliver effective training to eachand every individual. A very well designed course ware, and vastexperience from instructors helps learners in becomingprominent IT professionals. SVR Technologies Online trainingconcentrates on modern & result-oriented solutions to improvestudent learning. We SVR technologies initiate in providing topclass training & Web-enhanced instruction through innovativeand relevant solutions.91-9885022027 (INDIA) || 001-2103904819 (USA) 5. QTP Online Traininghttp://svrtechnologies.com/contactus.html91-9885022027 (INDIA) || 001-2103904819 (USA) 6. QTP Online TrainingA fully packed training organization which allocates thecomplete requirements needed for informationtechnology. SVR technologies include multisensoryexperiences to generate comfortable and more completelearning. It provides opportunities for students/learners torepresent the new skills they are gaining, by producingsolid connections to their learning. SVR Technologiesalways believe in configuring Web-enhanced solutions onthe most onward-thinking research into how individualslearn with the technology.91-9885022027 (INDIA) || 001-2103904819 (USA) 7. QTP Online TrainingSome of the crucial benefits offered by SVR Technologies are as follows:One can attend a free demo class before the actual training starts towatch how the session led by trainer.Fees refund option is available for those who want to with draw fromtraining in a prescribed period of time.24/7 customer support with valuable guidance.Regular online sessions are arranged at your required timings.Affordable fees with real time Training.Interactive Training at learners convenience.Support after/before of Training period.For more details visit: http://www.svrtechnologies.com/software-IT-courses.html91-9885022027 (INDIA) || 001-2103904819 (USA) 8. QTP Online Training91-9885022027 (INDIA) || 001-2103904819 (USA)