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Shalomitschool is an IT software training institute offering its services from past 6 years. Our trainers are working professionals and real time experts. We offer QTP course for the lowest cost with the best quality. For more info visit http://shalomitschool.com/qtp-online-training


<ul><li> 1. Contact us: ShalomitschoolQTP COURSE OUTLINEContact: 091-9885022027 Email: shalomoitschool@hotmail.com http://shalomitschool.com/qtp-online-training Course name: QTP Trainer: Sai Krishna Duration: 25 Hrs (approx) Session: Daily 1 HrEmail: shalomitschool@hotmail.com</li></ul> <p> 2. Contact us: ShalomitschoolQTP COURSE OUTLINETopic 1: Introduction to Test Automation What is Automation Testing Benefits of Automation Manual Testing Vs Automation Testing Various Automation Test ToolsTopic 2: Introduction to Quick Test Pro Overview of Quick Test Pro Starting Quick Test Quick Test Window Quick Test Window Layout Using Quick Test CommandsEmail: shalomitschool@hotmail.com 3. Contact us: ShalomitschoolQTP COURSE OUTLINETopic 3: working with Add-ins &amp; Add-in Manager Different ways of developing Automation Tests Recording Tests Standard Recording Analog Recording Low Level Recording Writing Script Descriptive ProgrammingEmail: shalomitschool@hotmail.com 4. Contact us: ShalomitschoolQTP COURSE OUTLINETopic 4: Generating Customized Test Results with Reporter Object Working with Test Objects and Object Repositories How QTP Learns Objects How QTP Identifies Objects Working with Test Objects Object Spy Configuring Object Identification Smart Identification Creating and Managing Shared Repositories Merging Shared Object RepositoriesEmail: shalomitschool@hotmail.com 5. Contact us: ShalomitschoolQTP COURSE OUTLINETopic 5: Working with Test Object Methods &amp; Properties VB Script Language Overview VB Script Data Types VB Script Variables Arrays Define Array Dynamic Array VB Script Constants Conditional Statements If...Else, Nested If Select Case Iterative Statements While, for, Do.While, DoUntil, Foreach Built-in Functions Numeric Function String Function Date &amp; Time Conversion Conversion Function Sub routinesEmail: shalomitschool@hotmail.com 6. Contact us: ShalomitschoolQTP COURSE OUTLINETopic 6: Users Defined Functions Creating User Defined Functions Advantages of using Functions Creating Generic Functions Creating Function Libraries Associating Function Libraries Preparing Regression Test Automation Suites Function Decomposition ImplementationEmail: shalomitschool@hotmail.com 7. Contact us: ShalomitschoolQTP COURSE OUTLINETopic 7: Advanced VB Scripting Working with ExcelApplicationObject Working with Database Connection Object Working with RecordSet Object Different ways of Synchronizing the Tests Configuring Default Synchronization time out Exist Statement Wait Statement Synchronization PointEmail: shalomitschool@hotmail.com 8. Contact us: ShalomitschoolQTP COURSE OUTLINETopic 8: Checkpoints Checkpoint Introduction Adding Checkpoints to a Test Types of Checkpoints Standard Checkpoint Text Checkpoint Text Area Checkpoint Bitmap Checkpoint Database Checkpoint Page Checkpoint Image Checkpoint Table Checkpoint Accessibility Checkpoint XML Checkpoint Checkpoints Supported EnvironmentEmail: shalomitschool@hotmail.com 9. Contact us: ShalomitschoolQTP COURSE OUTLINETopic 9: Output Values Output Values Introduction Different Output Values Defining Output Values Storing Output Values Using Output Values in Script Substitute above Output Values through CodeTopic 10: Transactions Purpose Inserting Start Transactions Inserting End Transactions Analyzing Transaction ResultsEmail: shalomitschool@hotmail.com 10. Contact us: ShalomitschoolQTP COURSE OUTLINETopic 11: Working with Actions Introduction to Actions Benefits of Actions Creating Tests with Multiple Actions Guidelines for working with Actions Creating a New Action Inserting Action Inserting Copy of Action Inserting Existing Action Splitting Actions Action Parameters Test Modularity Implementation Creating an Action Template Difference between Reusable Actions and FunctionsEmail: shalomitschool@hotmail.com 11. Contact us: ShalomitschoolQTP COURSE OUTLINETopic 12: Developing Data Driven Tests 1) Working with Data Tables 2) Data Table Methods 3) Parameterize Tests using Data Tables 4) Developing Data Driven Test using Excel Files 5) Developing Data Driven Test using Text FilesTopic 13: Regular Expressions Introduction to Regular Expressions Defining Regular ExpressionsEmail: shalomitschool@hotmail.com 12. Contact us: ShalomitschoolQTP COURSE OUTLINETopic 14: Debugging Need of Debugging Breakpoints Step Into Step Over Step Out Debug Viewer Watch Variable CommandEmail: shalomitschool@hotmail.com 13. Contact us: ShalomitschoolQTP COURSE OUTLINETopic 15: Recovery Scenarios Introduction to Recovery Scenarios When to use Recovery Scenarios Defining Recovery Scenarios Recovery Scenario Manager Managing Recovery Scenarios Associating Recovery Scenarios to your Test Programmatically Controlling the Recovery Mechanism error HardingEmail: shalomitschool@hotmail.com 14. Contact us: ShalomitschoolQTP COURSE OUTLINETopic 16: Descriptive Programming Introduction to Descriptive Programming When to use Descriptive Programming Descriptive Programming Approach Static Representation Dynamic Representation Handling Dynamic Objects Handling Similar Objects Developing Generic ScriptsTopic 17: Automation Frameworks Linear Framework Modular Driven Framework Keyword Driven Framework Data Driven Framework Email: shalomitschool@hotmail.com 15. Contact us: ShalomitschoolQTP COURSE OUTLINE Hybrid Framework Driver Script ProgramsTopic 18: Virtual Objects Define Virtual Objects Marge Virtual ObjectsTopic 19: Working with Web Tables AOM Scripts Developing Startup Scripts Launching QTP Setting Tool Options Setting Test Options Opening a Test Running a Test Store Results in Required Location Closing a Test Email: shalomitschool@hotmail.com 16. Contact us: ShalomitschoolQTP COURSE OUTLINE Closing QTPTopic 20: Web Service Testing Working with Browsers Working with Links Working with Images Working with FormsEmail: shalomitschool@hotmail.com</p>