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We have decided to take the idea of an evidence board which is typically used when investigating a crime scene as a hit board. Two of our characters (Taylor and Charlie Johnson) will be seen glaring at this board in our opening 2 minutes before leaving their home to come face to face with the enemy. The board will contain images of Riley Davies, his locations, his house and his family which the twins have been gathering together piece by piece, watching Riley's every move.

This is going to create tension for the audience and instantly give the impression that conflict is going to happen. It also links with the story line as it shows Taylor and Johnson have been watching Riley Davies' every single move, and they really are out for revenge.


Guns and knives are a very essential prop within our 2 minute opening, as each character is going to be seen with a gun on their person and they can be seen around their surroundings. This is going to create a lot of tension and suspicion for the audience, as knives and guns symbolise violence and in most cases death, which will lead to the audience then questioning themselves as to what's going to happen, who's possibly going to die etc..

The audience will also gain a sense of fear for a specific character within our film through the use of guns.. Just which character exactly?


The brief case and what is inside of it is a very significant prop to our 2 minute opening. The audience learn exactly who Riley Davies is and the type of person the twins will be dealing with. The brief case will contain drugs and possibly guns, however as we can not use real drugs, sugar and flour will be shown as the drugs.

This will allow the audience to grasp a real understanding of just whom Riley Davies is and allow them to create their own opinion of him themselves.


An arm chair, mirror and a glass with a liquid substance are key props. Riley Davies will be seen sipping from the glass, looking in the mirror and sitting on the arm chair before he leaves his location to arrive at another.

This will allow the audience to see the more softer side of Riley Davies and his life style.