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1. CONDUCIVE CLASSROOM ENVIRONMENT FOR PROMOTING CHILD PARTICIPATION BY Ms. Sushma Singh Research Scholar (PhD-Education) India & Ms. Himani Priya 2. Amalgamation of Self Learning and Project Based Learning (PBL) Learning refocuses education on the student, not the curriculum- a shift mandated by the global world, which rewards a tangible assets such as drive, passion, creativity, empathy and resiliency. These cannot be taught out of a text book, but must be activated through 3. Self Learning Corner/ Math Zone Self learning Club Members working in the Math Zone 4. Math Zone Self Learning Corner 5. Students of class IX and X are members of the self- learning club. Math Zone contains self- learning corner. Self-learning corner is equipped with Mini Math Library with books, projects, Presentations and other activity material for the students. Math Zone contains Net book connected with Wi- Fi, projector and other kits to perform activities. Students make use of items available in the math zone from time to time. Mini math library: To inculcate self-learning habits among the students school made a little efforts to start Mini math library run by the students itself. Each class has library monitor and students of the respective classes approach the library monitor to get projects books from the library for the reference. There are three sections in the library: - Books, Presentations and projects. More than 75 group projects prepared by the students are available for the future reference of the students. 6. Web Portal-( & Portal In charge - Shubham and Edesh 7. Nearly two year ago a web portal named above was launched for the students. The portal has noncommercial license. Students can access the portal from their home computers at any time. Being a govt. school does not have any computer for the use of students. More than 100 students are allotted ID and passwords to upload their projects and presentations for public domain. So far more than 500 files are uploaded on the portal by the students and teacher. Portal has been accessed nearly 1000 times so far. Power Point Presentations made by the students and teacher are also shared worldwide on the One of PPT on model lesson plan of algebraic expression class viii has been viewed worldwide more than 32,000 times. Other presentations on slide shares are Graphical representation of school, Mid-day meal etc. 8. Mini Math Library run by students- In charge -Nuzhat 9. Nearly 30 Power Point Presentations(PPT) made by the students and teacher are also shared worldwide on the One of PPT on model lesson plan of algebraic expression class viii has been viewed worldwide more than 32,000 times. And is listed in top 5% bracket of viewership. 10. Model - Math-In-Bridge Represented the school at State level science exhibition. And selected for National Level 11. Members of Self learning Club also participate in model making activity and models made by them are selected for zonal level science exhibition, central level science exhibition and also for the state level. Models prepared by the students Mathematics in Everyday life and Mathematics in Bridges represented the school at State level science exhibition and is selected for National level exhibition. 12. School Level Science Exhibition 13. Project Based Learning-Girls of Class X showing the project - Vendor market made by them.& Planning of new project 14. An educational approach in the form of Project Based Learning ( PBL) is being adopted that falls under the umbrella of inquiry learning. School is trying hard to provide an alternative to paper based rote memorization. And PBL is being promoted as a part of the formative assessments for classes IX and X since 2010 on ward. Students have prepared more than 125 group projects and individual projects on various interdisciplinary topics under the guidance of math teacher. Also power point presentations and poster presentations are being prepared by the students. 15. Group Project On fire safety measures in the school 16. Poster Presentation on time Table Analysis 17. Classroom activity on symmetry Students of class VII - enjoying the activity time in the classroom with teacher 18. Artists of the class IX 19. SN. CLASS TOPIC/TITLE/ACTIVITY/WORK 1 X-C Graphical representation of school coordinate geometry project(2013) 2 X-C Annual Budget of Midday meal of classes VI-VIII in school(2013) 3 X-A Comics on various topics covered in SA-1 syllabus(2014) 4 X-B E-Mathezine - A mathematics related magazine(2014) X-C Expenditure on Fire Safety measures in school(2014) 6 IX-C Estimated Budget of Renovation of Principal and Vice Principal rooms(2014) 7 IX-C Estimated Budget of Renovation of Boundary wall of the school. (2014) 8 IX-C Estimated Budget of Renovation Language and conference rooms(2014) 9 IX-C Estimated Budget of Renovation of Auditorium and staff rooms(2014) 10 IX-C Estimated Budget of Renovation of open area of school premises 11 IX-C Model MATH-IN-BRIDGE video presentation(2014) 12 X-B Annual School report on Annual Prize distribution function(jhalak) (2013) 13 VI-X Mental Math Quiz for school level, cluster level, zonal level, District level, Regional level and state level for classes V-X(2013-2015) 14 IX-XII Career counseling presentations on career Mela in 2014 and 2015 15 X-C Holidays homework investigatory projects on different topics 16 IX-A Estimated budget of whitewash of different areas of school building project based on mensuration. (2013) A DETAILS OF ICT ACTIVITIES/ WORK IMPLEMENTED IN THE LAST TWO ACADEMIC YEARS 2013-2014 AND 2014-2015 I 20. Field work Project on renovation- learning & enjoying 21. Art club student In-charge Darmender with teacher & classroom activity 22. MENTAL MATH QUIZ - Children participating in District level mental math quiz & Score Board 23. Model making 24. Students Role :- PBL relies on learning groups. Students groups determine their projects, in doing so, they engage student voice by encouraging students to take full responsibility for their learning. This is what makes PBL constructivist. Students work together to accomplish specific goals. When student use technology as a tool to communicate with others, they take on an active role vs. a passive role of transmitting the information by teacher, a book, or broadcast. The student is constantly making choices on how to obtain, display or manipulate information. Technology makes it possible for students to think actively about the choices they make and execute (some students measure the area in feet while others measure in cm. and meters etc.). Every student has the opportunity to get involved either individually or as a group. 25. How did the work promote the interdisciplinary learning? (Integration of subject areas). Projects and Group projects are so designed that they not only integrate different concepts and topics of the mathematics but also with other subjects. Artifacts, drawing of different diagrams, pictures not only beautify and elaborate mathematical concepts but also show the link of mathematics with fine arts. "Graphical presentation of school covers the co-ordinate geometry and power point presentation connects mathematics with computer learning. Holidays assignments are so designed that students learn mathematics in respect of other subjects. During summer holidays students were asked to prepare the projects like- Mathematics and Economics, Mathematics and Physics etc. This helps the students to gain interdisciplinary learning. 26. Inter Disciplinary Project Relation of Fine Arts with Mathematics 27. How did the students use ICT while executing on the work? Computers are being used to prepare the power point presentations by the students and teacher on various topics and activities. Content for project works is being searched on the internet by the students and teacher. Web Portal and Slide share is being used to upload the work done by the students and teacher. Camera and mobile phones are used for photography and videography of the different activities. Soft wares Microsoft power point, paint, MS words, power point, movie maker etc. are being used by students and teacher for different activities 28. How did the work help in creating awareness in the school/ nearby surroundings? Students open web portal from their residences or from computer caf nearby their residences. It creates awareness in their villages of North West district of Delhi. During parents teacher meeting discussions on the activities conducted by the school and quality of the activities are often held. This creates the awareness among the parents. Selection of students of school in the state and national level science and mathematics exhibitions on the basis of ICT usage creates awareness. Cash prize winner mental math quizzes are honored during the morning assemblies and annual prize distribution day, where all the officials of Directorate of Education, Parents of the students and other dignitaries are invited to see the programs. Teachers and students from other schools of Delhi come to participate in math and Science activities. 29. Teachers from other schools during mental math quiz 30. Thanks From- Sushma Singh & Himani Priya ( India)