Preservation issues in digital libraries

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Digital libraries preservation issues.


  • 1. Presentation on : Preservation Issues in Digital Libraries Presented To: Dr. Anilkumar, H. My Teachers & My Friends. VSL IIMA Presented By: Shanthakumara, T. N. Library Trainee Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad Vikram Sarabhai Library

2. Contents Introduction Why Digital Libraries? How to preserve? Preservation Issues Conclusion Reference 3. Introduction What is a Digital Library? According to William Arm (2000), A digital library is a organized collection of information with associated services, where the information is stored in digital format and accessible over a network. (Reference : 4. Why Digital Libraries? The digital library brings the library to the user Information can be shared The information is always available New forms of information become possible Electronic storage is becoming cheaper than paper (Reference: 5. Architecture of DL (Reference : 6. How to Preserve? Digitizing. Storing i.e. preserve. Creating good atmosphere. Image courtesy: Microsoft 7. What should be Digitize? Rare collections. Important documents. Photographs. Image courtesy: Microsoft 8. Preservation Issues 1.Disasters Natural Man made Image courtesy: Microsoft 9. 2.Hardware & Software issues Image courtesy: Microsoft 10. 3.Accessibility Image courtesy: Microsoft 11. 4.Copy Rights. This is also will be an issue? 12. Conclusion Thus, in this presentation i was try to say about the issues regarding to preserving our digital contents. So, this is what we think about before started to build a digital library. 13. References; ion 9/Chapter1.html 14. Thank You..