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eTwinning School Team Campaign

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  • 1. School Team: Cornelia Melcu- PrimarySchool SubjectsCristina Prundariu- PrimarySchool SubjectsCamelia Lupoian- Counselling School name and country:coala General Nr.9 ,,NicolaeOrghidan, Braov, Romania

2. WWW is a long term project based on Multiply Intelligences Theory by Howard Gardner. The main aim is to exchange information about childrens living places. our school we are 3 teachers and 52 students involved in thisproject work Common tasks and different tasks for each team member according to their interests and skills We worked together for the project plan and we share it with the other partners using Camelia is assisting, helping and adapting the tasks for the children with special needs We are collaborating for completing all the tasks and for achieving the aimsSchool Teams in the Creative Classroom GroupExpert Talk 3. Working as a team in eTwinning projects AdvantagesDisadvantages making schools work more clashing of differentrelaxing and motivatingpersonalities achieving a lot of knowledge tasks not being completedand teaching tips(time management) becoming more creative, frustration expressedinnovative and open to share between team membersdifferent experiences lack of communication learning, working and having minor conflictsfun together with our students( engaging them) organizing the project better extending skills and bringingeTwinning closer to ourschoolSchool Teams in the Creative Classroom Group Expert Talk 4. Some advice and tips for team workingTo be: Not to have: Adaptable Conflicting goals Collaborative Confusing roles and Committed unresolved responsibilities Competent Lack of team trust Dependable and reliable Lack of team support Disciplined Lack of team communication Communicative Negative attitudes Enthusiastic Lack of initiativeand Goal-centricalternative Problem Solver Good luck and thank you foryour attention!School Teams in the Creative Classroom Group Expert Talk