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This presentation briefly introduces myself and my teaching interests and goals

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  • 1. Justin Keller Teaching you about me

2. Im Justin Keller, and Im going to tell you a little bit about myself and why I am going to be a teacher. 3. I grew up in Wahpeton, North Dakota.As you can see, its rather cold and flat, but its still a beautiful state. 4. North Dakota 5. Ultimately the mountains brought me to the University of Montana.For about a year I majored in wildlife biology before I realized I wanted to teach biology. 6. By now, youve probably realized that I like to take photos. Ive even made it into a business and put them on theinternet . Some of my other hobbies are backpacking, hunting, and cooking.I also love teaching Boy Scouts about my hobbies. 7. I want to teach because it is very exciting to watch kids learn about the world and themselves.Ive touched the lives of many people without trying to, so I cant imagine what is possible when I do try. 8.

  • Hands on learning of science.
  • All year research project designed by the students.
  • Create a challenging and engaging learning experience.
  • Show students that science can be used in their lives beyond high school.

My experiences leading Boy Scouts, teaching a wildlife club, being a student, and being interested in the world, I have several teaching goals: