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Presentación de Simon Birkenhead

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Presentación de Simon Birkenhead en el Mobile Evolution IAB México-MMA

Text of Presentación de Simon Birkenhead

  • 1.Mobile Marketing in LatAm:The Myths, the Facts & the Future_Simon Birkenhead Director, Global Advertising Sales

2. Telefonica Digital_ Beyond Connectivity Injecting digital into Telefonica 3. Strength of Telefonica across LatAm region42%LATAMin our operating countries91m 24m 20m 19m 14m 13m 12m 10m 5m 2mBrazil Argentina Mexico Peru Colombia Chile Venezuela Central America Ecuador Uruguay215 million customersSource:WorldBankPopula2on2012,TelefonicaAnnualReport2012 4. Our mission is to add contextual relevance to mobile advertisingLocationDemographicBehaviouralReal-World Context 5. Latin America offers a unique opportunity_ 6. 1Advertisers should think Mobile FirstLatin America Internet Access (millions)350 300By 2016:25050%200of internet users will be mobile-only150 100 50 0 201220132014Sources:eMarketer Aug 2013, Pyramid Research 2013 201520162017 7. 1Even more important in Mexico70%50% of internet users already rely on a mobile device to access the internet60% 50% 40% 30% 20% 10% 0% 2011Sources:eMarketer2013 2012201320142015 8. 2Mobile First requires a fresh approach to collaboration and business model innovationBUYWORKBUILD 9. BuyCredit:LUMApartnersCONSUMERMARKETERMobile LUMAscape 10. WorkSPAINUK M-CommerceDataAdvertising 11. Build Mobile Phone Users LatAm 2013 100% 80% 60% 40% 20% 0% ArgentinaBrazilChileFeature Phone Users*userswhoownatleastonedeviceanduseitatleastonceamonth Source:eMarketer,GlobalMediaIntelligenceReport2013MexicoPeruSmartphone UsersColombia 12. Mobile advertising in LatAm is expected to grow faster than any other region Mobile ad revenues: CAGR by region (2012-2017)$79MLatAm Middle East/Africa North America Western Europe Global Central/East Europe APAC 0%Source:eMarketer,IHS201310%20%30%40%50%60%70%$600M+ 13. But why is mobile not growing even faster? 3 myths to dispel_ 14. Latin Americans are very receptive to mobile ads Positive about mobile advertising Adspend per connection44% 38%$7.10$1.00Asia Pacific$0.1019% 11%Latin America$2.20North America Western EuropeSources:WIN/GIA2013,eMarketer2013 15. Even more positive in Mexico60%of those familiar with location-based mobile ads thought the service was valuableIn 2013, Mexican mobile ad spend per connection is just:$0.62Source: , GSMA Mobile Broadband at the Bottom of the Pyramid In Latin America 2012, eMarketer 2013 16. Feature phones are mobiles too Feature phones still dominate in LatAm 31% 69%In Mexico:39%Sources:Ovum2013,WINGallup2013,eMarketer201361% 17. SMS is made-for-mobile and delivers results Media AmplificationPurchaseEngagementFOX wanted to raise awareness of their new TV series The Bridge, to support their TV ad campaign.Elektra wanted to drive participation in a competition whereby users received free air time if they toppedup their Elektra account.Dove wanted to raise awareness of their Cosquillas campaign and drive engagement via social media.Result: 67% ad recall10%watched the showResult: 2.7% topped-up2.7%conversion rateResult: 93% incremental awareness18%submitted a video or photo 18. Brand-sponsored services are proving popular 15%Engagement RateFREESERVICESponsored dataAd-funded servicevalueexchangeadspendSponsored callsCustomersbuytheproductBrand 19. Sponsored CallsUserdialsshort codeormakesa reversechargecall120,000callsin SaoPauloaloneRingback TonesUserrequests furtherinfofrom brand (ifdesired)Userlistensto 30second audioad96%advert comple2onrateContentUsermakes freecallto friend SMS Avg.2freecallsper Follow-upcall userperweek Servicesubscrip2onFast FoodBeautyEducational Content 20. Location where smartphone owners ultimately purchased items researched via their devices 20%The majority of mobile conversions are off-deviceOnline Other3%In-Store77%How shoppers use their phones for shopping 0% Find directions Find hours Make price comparisons Find promo offers Browse Find where specific products are sold Find product information Find product availability in-store Find product reviews Make purchase Sources:eMarketer(US)2013,Google/MARC201320%40%60%80% 21. Case study: Pizzeria Monte Verde 63%Remembered the ad59%Increased intention to buy a pizza20% Purchased a pizza after receiving the SMS300% Increase in pizza sales Source:VivoPizzeriaMonteVerdesurveyusingPublicEye,2013 22. Key takeaways for mobile success: Think Mobile First Test and learn now Dont ignore feature phones Strive for contextual relevance 23. GoMo! [email protected] @simonbirkenhead

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