PRE PRODUCTION PLANNING Music Magazine Construction

Pre production planning

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Page 1: Pre production planning

PRE PRODUCTION PLANNING Music Magazine Construction

Page 2: Pre production planning


Reckless Life I believe would be the most ideal name. Its is a very popular song by Guns N Roses which is a link I believe my target audience will recognise. The meaning can be interpreted in different ways and therefore means it does not exclude any demographics or phycongraphics.

Genre: Rock Magazine Name Ideas

Reckless Life


The Rocker

Life of Rock The Bible of Rock

Page 3: Pre production planning

MOOD BOARD This has been

constructed around how the front cover will hopefully look. The layout has been designed to be a model of how it should look. The images and quotes have been chosen to represent the genre and the layout of the text on the second page has again been constructed to act as model for the double page spread .

Page 4: Pre production planning

MAST HEAD I would like to have quite a simple mast head but very bold and bunt.

Something that will catch the eye of passers by but will not take the attention away form my main image as it is intended to be creative and eye-catching for each issue. It also means it will be more memorable and there fore recognisable to the intended target audience.

The I in Life seems to be a good place to start. The idea was to change it with an image of either a sword to represent recklessness or a guitar to represent the rock genre. It is quite simple and will not take long to constructor take an image of one of the two.

There is also the idea to change the colour of one letter either the I in Life or the E in Reckless or the first letter of each word. The majority of the lettering will be black but depending on the colour scheme chosen it could look quite effective yet very simple.

Page 5: Pre production planning

MAST HEAD EXAMPLES I have chosen to go with my first design as it is simple and will not attract attention away from my main image and lead line. It is also eye-catching and easily recognisable so my readers will easily see it.

Page 6: Pre production planning


Here are a few ideas for colour schemes. As your colour scheme is one of the most important things to consider below are a few different examples. Originally lots of bright colours seemed to be what I was leaning towards but after some research it seemed that one colour mixed with shades was more fitting for the genre. The two on the right are more affective. The bottom one is very much like the mood board and as that was very effective it may be that it would be the most appropriate and fitting for my genre.

Page 7: Pre production planning


Front Cover

Contents Page Double Page Spread

Page 8: Pre production planning

PHOTO SHOOT I would like to use a band as models for the photo shoot. I have worked

with one before during my A2 work and believe they could create a good image. I have already taken some practice shots of them individually which put together may be used for the contents page.

However for the front cover I wish to use the image I created for my mood board as it stands out and is quite different. I may make some slight change but overall the idea of it fits the genre rather well.

For the double page spread I wish to use a simple shot of them to bring out their ‘true self's’. It will again be a group shot but it may be a silhouette instead of the ‘clear’ picture.

Page 9: Pre production planning


Page 10: Pre production planning


1. Reckless Life2. Reckless Life 3. Reckless Life

4. Reckless Life 5. Reckless Life

6. Reckless life 7. Reckless Life

Page 11: Pre production planning

QUESTIONS Tells us a bit about your history? (New band)

How music inspires you?

How you come up wit your ideas?

How well do you work together behind the cameras?

Tell us about the real story of what happened in Vegas?

How did you lose them?

Have you always been an addict?

When did you realise they weren’t there?

How long were you on stage?

Did they follow?

Did you not feel alone?

Did the rest of you know where Dante was?

How did you find each other?

Were you sober?

How long have you been sober?

Do you have any advice for your fans?

Page 12: Pre production planning

ARTICLES Regulars Reviews- live bands


Tribute Article-this months edition tribute to who?

Hear from the crowd-what do you have to say or want to know

What's coming up-Gigs



Top Tips- tips for rising bands

Hidden- This months hidden band that you must listen to.

Quiz Page


News-Any gossip or news within the music industry

Features Exclusive interview with

Life Line!!! Back stage with…. What happens next for……. Holly Hayward’s yearly