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Ppt on poverty, poverty, poverty in india, poverty in world, world poverty, poverty in india and world, poverty and famine, causes of poverty, images on poverty, countries in poverty, poverty and its causes



2. What is PovertyWhat is Poverty Poverty is the world at itsPoverty is the world at its worst when people areworst when people are deprived of basicdeprived of basic everyday things that weeveryday things that we take for granted like food,take for granted like food, water shelter, money, andwater shelter, money, and clothesclothes 3. PovertyPoverty is ais a HorrifyingHorrifying thingthing HOWHOW?? 4. Causes of povertyCauses of poverty oLack of education oNatural disasters oLack of money oNo opportunities provided oOver population Poverty is also caused by DRUGS & ALCOHOL as some people spend all their money on addictions like this. 5. Major causes of extreme povertyMajor causes of extreme poverty Hunger & Malnutrition Limited access to quality health care Insufficient access to sanitary water Limited education 6. Effects of poverty High Mortality Rates. Increased health risks and perpetuation of epidemics such as HIV/AIDS and Malaria. Hampers childrens ability to grow & develop properly and contributes to a cycle of poverty Inhibits education and social advancement Increased armed conflict 7. FACTSFACTS1.4 BILLION people in developing1.4 BILLION people in developing countries live on $1.25 or lesscountries live on $1.25 or less 3 out of every 4 people live on3 out of every 4 people live on less than $1.25 a dayless than $1.25 a day 22,000 children die every day22,000 children die every day due to povertydue to poverty 8MILLION people die from lack8MILLION people die from lack of food and nutrition aboutof food and nutrition about 24,000 deaths each day24,000 deaths each day 8. FACTSFACTS 60% of worlds hungry are women60% of worlds hungry are women Lack of proper maternal care results inLack of proper maternal care results in 300,000 maternal deaths annually300,000 maternal deaths annually 1 out of 6 infants are born with a low birth1 out of 6 infants are born with a low birth rate in developing countriesrate in developing countries Malnutrition causes 1/3 of all child deathsMalnutrition causes 1/3 of all child deaths resulting in 2.6MILLION deaths per yearresulting in 2.6MILLION deaths per year Every 5 second a child dies of hunger relatedEvery 5 second a child dies of hunger related diseasesdiseases 9. FACTSFACTS98% of the worlds undernourished people live in98% of the worlds undernourished people live in developing countries.developing countries. 2/3 of yhe worlds hungry people live in just 72/3 of yhe worlds hungry people live in just 7 countries: BANGLADESH, CHINA, DEMOCRATICcountries: BANGLADESH, CHINA, DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC OF CONGO, ETHIOPIA, INDIA,REPUBLIC OF CONGO, ETHIOPIA, INDIA, INDONESIA and PAKISTAN.INDONESIA and PAKISTAN. 35MILLION people are living with HIV/AIDS out35MILLION people are living with HIV/AIDS out of which 65% are women.of which 65% are women. More than 11MILLION children die fromMore than 11MILLION children die from preventable health issues such as malaria,preventable health issues such as malaria, Diarrhoea and pneumonia.Diarrhoea and pneumonia. 10. Poverty in INDIAPoverty in INDIA 11. TWO WAYS OF POVERTYTWO WAYS OF POVERTY Under Relative poverty theUnder Relative poverty the economic conditions ofeconomic conditions of different regions ordifferent regions or countries is compared. Thecountries is compared. The capita income and thecapita income and the national income are the twonational income are the two indicators of relativeindicators of relative poverty. According to thepoverty. According to the UNO those countries areUNO those countries are treated poor whose pertreated poor whose per capita income is less thancapita income is less than US $725 per annum.US $725 per annum. RELATIVE POVERTY Absolute povertyAbsolute poverty refers to the measurerefers to the measure of poverty , keepingof poverty , keeping in view the per capitain view the per capita intake of calories andintake of calories and minimum level ofminimum level of consumption .consumption . Per capita income :Per capita income : National incomeNational income PopulationPopulation ABSOLUTE POVERTY 12. MEASUREMENT OF POVERTYMEASUREMENT OF POVERTY EXPENDIURE METHOD Under this the minimumUnder this the minimum food requirements forfood requirements for survival is estimated.survival is estimated. The food value is convertedThe food value is converted into calories.into calories. The caloric value of food isThe caloric value of food is then converted into thethen converted into the money value i.e. in rupees.money value i.e. in rupees. The total equivalent amountThe total equivalent amount is considered as theis considered as the poverty line.poverty line. INCOME METHODINCOME METHOD This method is used by theThis method is used by the government while distributinggovernment while distributing food through PDS at the localfood through PDS at the local level.level. Under this a poverty line is fixedUnder this a poverty line is fixed by the government.by the government. All the families whose totalAll the families whose total income is less than the povertyincome is less than the poverty line fixed by the government areline fixed by the government are considered as BPL.considered as BPL. 13. Thank You