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  • 1. CTR CHOOSE THE RIGHTJoshua Garcia Beatrize Gaytan

2. What Is CTR Working Hard Working Smart Working Together 3. WHY YOU SHOULD CTR? Choosing the right will get you to a better place It will also get people to admire you 4. WHICH WAY TO CHOOSE 5. QUOTESEducation is the keystone of freedom and progress. _John F. Kennedy Its not living that matters, but living rightly. -SocratesDecisions Determine Destiny. -Thomas S. MonsonAim for the highest. -Andrew Carnegie 6. VIDEO ON CTRCTR 7. CTR MATTERS THE MOST Choosing the right will benefit you in the future Being nice and friendly to people will pay back when you need something Doing good will get you somewhere in life 8. CHOOSING THE HIGH WAYBy being:Kind FriendlyGratefulPatientResponsible HumbleProductive 9. CHOOSING THE LOW WAY By being:MeanLazy ImpatientRudeDisrespectful HurtfulHateful 10. RIGHT VS. WRONG If you choose the wrong you can end up getting killed or going to jail. End up with the wrong people If you choose the right you people will appreciate you and look up to you. Surrounded by nice friendly people 11. THE END GOODBYE