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Potential Emerging Technology PowerPoint

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New Future Technology Implemented into K-12 Public School Systems. Providing Inspirational Learning for Students and Revolutionize Teaching Tools of Today.

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  • 1. Norene Robinson December 14, 2009

2. 5 K-12 Technology Trends for 2010 Slide 3, 4 and 5.Study: Video Games Improve PreschoolerLiteracy Slide 6,7,8 and 9.Learning in 3-D Slide 10, 11, 12 and 13. 3. Keeping up withTechnology in classrooms Newest challengesTechnologies Must Educators,Have. Administrators, and SchoolDistricts.NotebookseBooks soon to be LOWER$$$ ($200 - available for $300) allowsTEXTBOOKS and teachers to bridge integration into the gap forthe classroom. students technology. Back to Intro slide 4. New Student Personal Assessment toolDevices, smartreadily available phones and iPods for TRACKINGcan be integrated individual studentand used as TOOLS progress infor education.classroom.Interactive White Boards Resurgence teaching tool due toFederal Economic Stimulus. Getstudents out ofseats and up toboard for learning. Back to Intro slide 5. BELIEVE NEW TECHNO TRENDS ADD TOTEACHERS CURRICULUM.POOR ECONOMY WILL DELAYAPPLICATION TO SCHOOL SYSTEMS FORMANY YEARS.EDUCATIONAL BELIEFS AT DISTRICTLEVEL MUST CHANGE AND PUT TECHNOTRENDS FOREMOST Back to Intro slide 6. David Nagel 10/14/09 EducationalVideo Games Positive impact on LiteracyRetention when integrated intocurriculum. Past studies show improvementresulted for Kindergarten agecompared to those not exposed.Link to Intro Slide 7. Study conducted by EducationDevelopment Center and SRI International on behalf of Corporation for PublicBroadcasting. (CPB) The Study is called SummativeEvaluation of Ready to Learn Initiative. Link to Intro Slide 8. 10-WEEK LITERACY CURRICULUMVS COMPARISON GROUP IMPROVED LITERACYCOMPARISONSKILLS CURRICULUMGROUP % Increase % Increase LETTER NAMING15.821.2 13.616.8LETTER SOUNDS 5.8105.96.3 STORY ANDPRINT 9.710.8 9.19.5CONCEPTSKNOWLEDGE OF 2.42.7 2.32.5 LETTER NAMELink to Intro Slide 9. RESULTS NOT A SURPRISE. BELIEVER OF EDUCATIONAL TV, HAVING 3 CHILDREN. EDUCATIONAL VIDEO GAMES NEW. PREFERENCES: SESAME STREET, ELECTRIC COMPANY, MR. ROGERS AND READING RAINBOW. MUST SUPPLIMENT WITH PRESCHOOL EDUCATION AND FIELD TRIPS TO MUSEUMS, LIBRARIES AND ZOOS. (MONTESSORI METHOD)Link to Intro Slide 10. Meris Stansbury eSchool NewsNov. /Dec. 2009 Link to Intro Slide 11. Could Revolutionize the way students learn. Mainstream in Schools will make a Rapid Advance in teaching technology and learning. 1 in 3 Digital Screens are being replaced by 3-D, says CEO of University of Southern Cal. Entertainment Centers, David Wertheimer. Texas Instruments made a DLP Chip available for 3-D Vision cutting expenses. Link to Intro Slide 12. Allows individuals to see 3-D Perspectives being taught. Need 3-D Vision Lenses and Haptic Devices to interact with Virtual World. Most effective in Math, Science, Design and Engineering Education. Boulder Colorado School System First to Implement 1000 3-D Videos in 51 schools. 3-D Adaptability to 2-D and back to 3-D. Link to Intro Slide 13. AWESOME ADVANCE FOR HIGHER EDUCATION PRIORITY FOR IMPLEMENTATION IN ELEMENTARY SCHOOLS LOW. HIGH SCHOOL AND COLLEGE MATH, SCIENCE, DESIGN AND ENGINEERING HIGH PRIORITY. TEXAS INSTRUMENTS DLP CHIP TECHNOLOGY ALLOWS FOR LOWER COST AND FUTURE INVESTMENT FOR SCHOOL DISTRICTS.Link to Intro Slide 14. eBooks, Notebooks, Interactive white Boards, Personal Devices and Student Assessment Tool, are a MUST for School Districts Future Educational Advancement.Educational Video Games Study Proves Preschool Literacy Improves.3-D Video Education can Revolutionize Learning Perspective for Math, Science, Design and Engineering. 15. McCrea, B. (2009)5 K-12 Technology Trends for 2010 The Journal. Spotlight. Retrieved from http://thejournal.com/Articles/2009/12/10/5- K12-Technology-Trends-for-2010.aspxNagel, D. (10/14/09) Study: Games, Video Improve Preschooler Literacy The Journal- Digital Media Retrieved from http://thejournal.com/articles/2009/10/14/study-games-video-improve- preschooler-literacy.Stansbury, M. (11/12/2009) Learning in 3-D eSchool News-pg 9 Retrieved from http://www.eschoolnews.com/media/eschoolnews/eSchoolNewsNovDec09.pdf