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An introduction to podcasting in the classroom

Text of Podcasting

  • 1. Introduction to Classroom Podcasting Podstock Southwest - 2009

2. Why Use Podcasting?

  • How Can Creating a Podcast Enhance Classroom Learning?

3. Podcasts Can Be Useful Tools

  • Encourage Creativity and Collaboration
  • Students work and plan their podcast together
  • Gives Students a Voice
  • They are allowed to share their thoughts and reachmany people during the process.
  • Authentic Audience
  • There is a global audience outside the classroom.

4. Podcasts Can Be Useful Tools

  • Teaches Effective Communication Skills
  • There is accountability in getting a message across.
  • Engages Students in their Learning
  • They are more likely to work towards goalsenthusiastically.
  • Offers a Window Into the Classroom
  • Offers an opportunity to hear what students arestudying and learning.

5. Getting Started

  • What You Need to Record a Podcast

6. Pre-Production

  • Plan the podcast
  • The finished product will be much better if aprocedure is chosen and followed
  • Gather equipment
  • You will need a microphone and a computer
  • Become familiar with software
  • Learn the basics of Audacity

7. Production

  • Rehearse the Podcast
  • Practice makes perfect. It will cut down on edit time!
  • Record the Podcast
  • Now students are ready. Use a quiet room ifpossible.
  • Edit the Podcast
  • Fine tune the podcast and add finishing touches.

8. Sharing With the World

  • How To Get Your Message To Others

9. Post-Production

  • Convert to MP3 Format
  • Audacity is able to do this through a program decoder.
  • Upload to Internet
  • Once you have the proper format, it is easy to upload to any media storage website.
  • Share with the World

10. Contact Information

  • Email:[email_address]
  • Class Blog:
  • Class Wiki:
  • Thank You For Participating!

11. Resources

  • Classroom Tech Brian Grenier
  • Western Australia Department of Education
  • Tools for the TEKS Wesley Freyer
  • Discovery Education Kathy Schrock
  • School of the Epiphany , San Francisco Nathan Shelley