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What I've learnt from Twitter as my PLN, spotlight of 3 amazing math education tweeters!

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  • 1. Click on the bird to go to my twitter page!

2. Twitter, can you imagine?! Im on Twitter, and you know what, Im loving it! The amount Ive learnt, in the short amount of time is unbelievable, as I said above, 10 minutes for 10 resources! Im going to Spotlight three Tweeters Ive had the privilege to learn from. 3. gummii has and will continue to be an invaluable resource in sharing and retweeting numerous ideas for making math fun and accessible to all students and for helping teachers (new and old) continue to adapt to the changing student population. All links in this slide are all links I have gotten through my interaction with @gummii 4. @Mathalicious offers a vast collection of math-related topics including, but not limited to: parents helping their kids, math group work success, and numerous resources for teachers of all grade levels teaching math, science or reading! All links in this slide are all links I have gotten through my interaction with @Mathalicious 5. @MathCoachCorner is a great teacher resource who loves to share her own lessons for other teachers to review and use themselves. There are many activities, ideas and videos on her page that will be extremely useful in the classroom setting to engage and explain concepts. All links in this slide are all links I have gotten through my interaction with @MathCoachCorner 6. And MY Growth I started by mostly just retweeting, and began experimenting with replying, but no original tweets yet I began tweeting funny things that happened to me, 80% professional, 20% personal, right? I even reached out to someone in need of math assistance!I learn how to use Twitter and Facebook safely and change my security settings to allow Professional Development but not student activity.. 7. Ive even reached out to people outside the education domain and shared information and articles in an interesting discussion. Interested in what were talking about? Heres the article! He even retweeted this to all his followers! 8. Twitter is quickly becoming the way of the world, more and more people, businesses, schools, and teams are relying on Twitter to get their messages out to the world in an unbelievably small amount of time. Through developing my PLN for this course, I have learnt the workings of Twitter and how to safely participate in its glory! Ive tweeted (and been retweeted) by a childhood hero, Ive helped a couple friends support their growing and established businesses, and Ive learnt amazing things about educating that I wouldnt have been able to otherwise.