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Professional Learning Network, PLN REFLECTION

Professional Learning Network, PLN REFLECTIONTWITTER: A great Social media tool to connect, collaborate and contribute.What is PLN?PLN (Professional Learning Network) is also known as Personal Learning Network.PLN are deliberately formed networks of people and resources capable of guiding our independent learning goals and professional development needs Corine WeisbergerI wanted to upload the video but slide share does not have an option for that so I am just including the youtube video link down below.For more information on PLN watch this you tube video

PLN (Sep, 2013)Unfortunately, I dont have a screenshot of my PLN from the beginning of this semester but I started with 0 followers, 0 following and 0 tweets. The resources in Module 2 helped me in finding many useful accounts to follow such as, EdTech services, The Alberta Teachers Association, Alberta Education, 2learn society, Discovery education etc.My twitter account is @FaqueehaMansoorAlberta Teachers Association

Alberta Teachers AssociationATA is a great account to follow because it provides a network for teachers in Alberta.It provides Newsfeed about education in Alberta and about new programs and guidelines.Many teachers in Alberta follow this account to keep themselves updated.It is a great account for teachers to connect, collaborate and contribute their thoughts on different educational conditions in Alberta2learn Society

2learn SocietyIt is a non profit organization and it provides resources and leadership for teachers.For example, in Module 3 we learnt about the Intellectual property and Copyright. 2 learn resources help a lot in describing the Copyright and when can we use what and what is the right way to use something. I follow this account to keep myself updated regarding with laws and resources.

Steve W. AndersonSteve W. AndersonHe is an Educator, Blogger and he is from NC.His blog is very useful and it has some thought provoking ideas and shows what is going on today with the help of technology and web 2.0 tools.His tweets about students and teachers are very engaging and informative.It shows how twitter connects people from all over the world, even though he is not from Alberta but a lot of teachers can get interesting ideas from his tweets and accounts and contribute their own ideas by giving replies to these tweets.

PLN October, 1st 2013

Here is the screenshot of my PLN from now.I do not have so may followers because I want to my PLN professional and I do not want it to be mingle with the family and other friends.The reason is because many people tweet stuff which is highly unprofessional and I do not really want it to be the part of my PLN.I am sure that in some months I will be able to get more followers than I have now. PLN: ConnectPLN is a great way to connect with professionals from all over the world.It is very beneficial for pre service professional to keep in touch with the veterans related to their profession.There are a lot of useful sites and accounts on social media to follow thus building your PLN is a great way to connect and keep yourselves flourished.

PLN: ContributeWhen we make our PLN and get connected to many professionals and experts, it will allow us to contribute our thoughts as well.For example, I can make tweets about different teaching theories and what I believe in or can make a question for a lot of my followers. My followers can then provide me with feedbacks and I can also contribute by making feedbacks on their tweets.

PLN: CollaborateTeachers can thus collaborate on different teaching perspectives, ideas and work by using their PLNs.For example, if I will make a tweet about what is the role of technology in education? A lot of other my followers and teachers can thus contribute their thoughts and we can all collaborate by working and sharing our ideas about technology in education.We can thus share our perspectives and why we think like that by giving reasons and thus can convince others if we are right or get convinced others thoughts if they seem to be reasonable.My contributions on TwitterI use twitter in order to gain knowledge and also retweet knowledgeable stuff for my followers.Twitter is a great social media tool in order to stay connected with a lot of professional and build upon your teaching skills by reading useful articles and different resources.I became more aware by joining different accounts especially the ones related to Alberta Education because it keeps me updated with all the new information I need to know related to the curriculum and teaching.11Here are some screenshots of my contributions and activity on twitter