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  • I arrived to Preveza!

  • When I got out I was very happy

  • I am visiting a small town in Greece

  • It is in the mainland

  • But it is built by the sea

  • Preveza is built near the ancient city of Nicopolis

  • Nicopolis was built by Octavius,a Roman emperorto celebrate his victory

  • Octavius was the winner of thenaval battle of Actium

  • The battle was between Octaviusand Marc Antony who had by his side Cleopatra the Egyptian queen

  • But the beautiful Egyptian queen and Marc Antony lost

  • Preveza is built opposite Actium

  • There is a nice waterside

  • There is a castle ,but not very big .

  • I like the center of the city

  • But I like most eating ice creams in the charming cafes

  • There are also greek tavernas,traditional restaurants

  • I like greek dishes a lot!

  • The most popural is gyros

  • But most of all I like the beautiful beach!

  • The water is clear

  • Near Preveza there are many islands as Corfu and Lefcada

  • They have amazing beaches

  • There are nice hotels

  • I have learned my first greek wordsthank you good morning and hello

  • I will see you soon!!