Photography: 1 - Composition

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A quick guide to composing your photos


  • 1. Rule of Thirds Patterns Framing

2. Composition is simply learning to see photographs in the world around you Luckily there are a few rules of thumb to help you 3. This requires that you imagine a noughts & crosses board in your viewfinder 4. You use some (or all) of the four intersection point to compose your photo 5. Or use them to centre your image 6. Or to link separate objects 7. Why it works nobody looks at the edges of photos! 8. It works as a good place to put the horizon in landscapes 9. Or even at the bottom 10. A few more examples from the web 11. And the best thing is it works perfectly when taking portrait photos! 12. See if your camera has the option to display a Rules of Third grid in the viewfinder 13. Individually or as pairs, have a stroll around the building and take at least three photos each that use the Rule of Thirds Well look at them as a group when you get back 14. >>> VIEW STUDENT PHOTOS > END