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E.S Still Cuts in Sea and waves Musical intro E.C.U. Eye closed Still Cuts in “Welcome to your life” E.C.U. Still Eye opens Continuous Cuts in Character’s feet M.S. Track up “There’s no turning back” Cuts to black Music Track up M.S. Cuts in Character’s feet “Even while we sleep”

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E.SStillCuts inSea and wavesMusical introE.C.U.Eye closedStillCuts inWelcome to your lifeE.C.U.StillEye opensContinuousCuts inCharacters feetM.S.Track upTheres no turning backCuts to blackMusicTrack upM.S.Cuts inCharacters feetEven while we sleep

E.C.U.StillActing on yourFace (mask)Cuts inE.C.U.StillFace (mask)Cuts inE.C.U.StillFace (mask)Cuts inE.C.U.StillFace (mask)Cuts inBest behaviour (continuous)Turn your back on.mother nature (continuous)M.S.Tilt upCharacter stood stillCuts inEverybody wants to rule the worldE.SStillCuts inSea and wavesMusic

Acting on yourIts my own remorse (continuous)Help me to decide, help me make the most, (continuous)of freedom (continuous)And of pleasure (continuous)MusicW.S.M.S.M.S.M.S.M.S.C.U.Cuts inSea and wavesCuts inCharacter looking into mirrorCharacter looking into mirrorCharacter looking into mirrorCharacter looking into cameraCuts in/fades outCuts inCuts inCuts inStillStillStillStillStillStill

MusicNothing every lasts for ever. (continuous)Everybody wants to rule the world.Theres a room where the light wont find you (continuous)Holding hands while the walls come crumbling down (continuous)When they do Ill be right behind you (continuous)C.U.E.S.C.U.E.S.C.U.C.U.Cuts inCuts inCuts inCuts inCuts inCuts inStillStillStillStillTrackingTrackingCharacter looking into cameraTwo characters facing each otherArtist looking into cameraCharacters running at each otherCharacter runningCharacter running

So glad weve almost made it (continuous)So sad we had to fade it (continuous)Everybody want to rule the worldEverybody wants to rule the worldEverybody wantsTo rule (continuous)E.S.W.S.C.U.E.S.E.C.U.W.S.Cuts inCuts inCuts inCuts inCuts inCuts inStillStillStillStillStillStillCharacters facing each otherArtist stood between charactersArtist looking into cameraSea and wavesEyes and maskSea and waves

The world.C.U.Cuts in/fades outStillArtist looking into camera